East Asian Founded HR Startups Revolutionizing America’s Workforce Landscape

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Welcome to another progressive feature in our ongoing series that champions the entrepreneurs of minority groups who are thriving in the world of startups. In this edition, we’ll be spotlighting the brilliant minds of East Asian descent that have established their dominance in the Human Resources industry. These founders not only spearhead innovative ideas but also break the glass ceilings of racial representation in the tech startup sphere.

Startups play an essential role in pushing the boundaries of innovation and creating social progression. They are the perfect portrayal of entrepreneurial spirit — building something from the ground up, proving naysayers wrong, and creating valuable solutions to real-world problems. The following startups showcase this spirit coupled with a commitment to the enhancement of Human Resource functionalities through data-driven decision-making, AI, machine learning, and more.

Each of these Human Resources startups we are about to highlight was started by remarkable East Asian founders. They’re excelling in their industries as they provide value through tech solutions, and also serve as inspiration to the current and future generations of East Asian entrepreneurs. Let’s take a closer look at these standout firms.

Perception Group Inc

Co-founded by Brett Morris and Regina Chou, Perception Group use data science to optimize returns for sales teams. Based in Atlanta, their PerceptionPredict platform helps companies improve their hiring and sales performances by using AI to predict top performers pre-hire.


Located in New York, Moodbit was founded by Alfredo Jaldin and Miho Shoji. The platform uses AI to analyze data from communication platforms, providing real-time analytics to managers regarding employee engagement, behaviour, and interactions. Check out their LinkedIn and Facebook pages for more information.


Fairygodboss, co-founded by Georgene Huang and Romy Newman, is a web platform where women find employers who match their needs. This New York-based startup provides women with data and support on career topics. Find out more on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


Co-founded by Ayman C, Jay Willems, and Yumi A. Kimura, this San Francisco-based startup introduces coworkers for virtual coffee, mentorship, and buddy programs via Slack and Microsoft teams. Follow LEAD on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

OrcaSmart Group

Co-founders Christopher Daniels, Daniel Weisberg, and Shu Wang built the OrcaSmart Group into the first online marketplace for packaging components and a business management platform for SMBs and Solopreneurs. Find out more on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

Gladeo Inc.

Founded by Grace Cho and Michelle Cho, Gladeo Inc is a promising startup in the education technology sector, providing branded, inclusive, storytelling career navigation platforms. More details can be found on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


Brooklyn-based SaaS company Thine, co-founded by Jon Strom and Sang Lee, provides pre-hiring assessments for modern law firms. Follow them on LinkedIn to learn more about their offerings.


San Francisco-based Flux, co-founded by Max Goodberg, Nick Ionita, and Wei Wei, is an internal mobility platform that matches employees to opportunities where they’re most likely to excel. More about Flux can be found on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


StoreyLine, founded by entrepreneur Minette Yu, is a Texas-based business that strives to increase employee and client happiness through meaningful, mission-driven gifts and experiences. Find out more about StoreyLine on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


Rise, based in New York, was created by Ana Swarup and Vivian Chen. This talent-focused startup is a secret weapon tool for Human Resource professionals. To discover more, check out Rise on its LinkedIn page.


Pavestep, located in New York, simplifies performance management and enables continuous feedback, with an aim to develop and motivate people. Founded by Harrison Kim, it has been making its mark in the HR tech space. Follow Pavestep on its LinkedIn page to see their continued growth.

That wraps up our list of top East Asian Founded startups in the HR industry. Each one is testament to the indomitable spirit and unwavering tenacity of entrepreneurship, embodying resilience, creativity and true innovation. This underlines our belief in the importance of highlighting the successes of diverse founders in the tech startup ecosystem.

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