East Asian Women Leading America’s Personal Health Startup Scene

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In the burgeoning realm of the personal health industry, incredible pioneers lead the way, breaking barriers, and setting new heights for innovation. Today in Pretty Progressive, we spotlight an array of extraordinary startups in this field, all of which have been founded by individuals from East Asian communities. The startups we delve into are making phenomenal strides in personal health, harnessing cutting-edge technologies, offering insightful solutions, and empowering individuals to take control of their wellness journeys.

These startups, which hail from various corners of the United States, are transforming facets of personal health ranging from alternative medicine to personal growth to skincare. They blend traditional methods with modern advances, bring vibrant diversity to their sectors, and challenge the status quo. Let us discover and celebrate these outstanding East Asian founded startups in the personal health industry.

Do note, however, as we embark on this exciting exploration, the unfathomable heights that each of these startups has scaled is not merely a testament to their individual prowess but also a assertion of the broader landscape of innovation that minority groups continually nurture.

Aura Health

Aura Health is a pioneer in the digital wellness landscape, launched by Daniel Lee and Steve Lee, aiming to create a wellness ecosystem that provides personalized content from therapists and coaches around the globe. Based in San Francisco, this startup strides across a multitude of fields ranging from alternative medicine to mobile apps within the health care industry. More about Aura Health can be found via its various social channels: @AuraHealthHQ, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Sports Data Labs, Inc.

San Francisco-based Sports Data Labs, Inc is a venture-backed, award-winning leader in the collection, analysis, and distribution of real-time human data from on-body sensors and other sensing systems. Founded by Mark Gorski, Stan Mimoto, and Vivek Khare, the company provides patented technologies and data acquisition solutions. For more on its innovative platforms, follow this startup on their social channels: @sportsdatalabs, LinkedIn.


evrmore, the New York-based startup led by Ivy Mahsciao, is more than an AI company. It combines wellness and personal development and builds intelligent systems that decompress bandwidth for compassion, awareness, and preserving everyone’s life stories. Check out evrmore’s liberating work on their social channels: Facebook, LinkedIn.


YINA, co-founded by Angela Gray and Ervina Wu, is a superior holistic beauty and wellness brand based in the San Francisco Bay Area. The brand emphasises Chinese medicine as a cornerstone of their offerings, which intend to have a profound and lasting impact on people’s wellness journeys. They share the latest insights on @YINATCM, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


FRONTMAN is a skincare company created by Annelise Hillmann and Nick Bunn offering acne care products for men that produce instant results. Based in Brooklyn, the company is revolutionizing the men’s skin care market. Updates on FRONTMAN’s advancing journey can be tracked via @befrontman, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


New York-based self-care app, Shine, provides a community for people with anxiety and depression. Founders Marah Lidey and Naomi Hirabayashi present an accessible and actionable platform with the goal to get users to accept who they are today. You can further explore their work through their social media: @theshineapp, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Waffle Journal

Created by founders Satoru Sasouzaki and Taishi Yamasaki, the Waffle Journal is an app designed to help families and friends stay connected via group journaling. It allows individuals to share their thoughts and milestones in writing with one another. They regularly update their progress on @wafflejournal, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Endless Health

Endless Health co-founded by Cooper Galvin and Jiabao Li, is a one-stop-shop for cardiovascular health. The Austin, Texas-based startup empowers the user with research-backed information and facilitates connections with certified healthcare professionals. You can follow their journey on LinkedIn.


Shimmer is a San Francisco-based platform providing 1:1 remote ADHD coaching. Founded by Christal Wang, Jon Wang and Vikram Sreedhar, Shimmer helps users identify and meet goals, improve productivity and maintain a positive approach to change. You can stay updated with their work on @shimmer_care, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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