Ethical Product Review: Acorelle Beeswax – Underarms, Bikini Line & Face – Royal Wax – 100g

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Natural, certified organic beeswax suitable for underarms, bikini line and face from Acorelle. The unique formula with pine resin and organic beeswax is efficient on short hairs and designed to give professional results every time lasting up to four weeks. This wax is not tested on animals and contains white lily extract to soothe and protect.

The Cire Royal™ wax from Acorelle is perfect for sensitive areas, can be easily spread in a thin layer after heating and no strips are needed to take it off.

Acorelle Beeswax – Underarms, Bikini Line & Face – Royal Wax Review:

It’s all about the scent and feel. This goes on smoothly and gets to work on the hair immediately and with a little bit of heat it comes off easily. I like to use this on a day when I am not going any where important. It sort of a treat for myself when my hair is beginning to feel a little too shaggy for my comfort. And it feels good knowing it’s all natural w/o the chemical smells and effects in the regular wax.

You must know that products like this really irritate the skin. I have found it is best to let it sit for a while before pulling off the wax once you have it spread on your skin. It is very much like tacking a horse to the barn, the hotter the wax the more likely it is to hurt when peeling it off. This is not a complaint about the product, just a nice piece of advice. I love that it is 100% natural and that is why I bought it. I recommend it highly.

It’s the all-natural cure for women tired of their pesky body hair. Made in France and imported from France (which has one of the strictest chemical labeling laws in the world), this product works… even on my coarse hair! Although this wax is made with all-natural ingredients, it is definitely not for use when I’m wearing something nice… or, for that matter, when I’m alone in the bathroom with the door closed. I mean, it stings when it hits your hairs. But, once you get past that, it works really well and the burn goes away completely in a day or two. So, just wear a shirt you don’t care about, apply it in the bathroom with the door closed, and you’re good to go.

Begin by applying a hot towel to the area for at least one minute, this will soften your hair and make things much easier. Then, apply a thin layer of wax to the area you want to treat, let it cool down for a few seconds and apply a strip (I did one in the summer, but in the fall, I found a two-step waxing kit with a muslin cloth made things much easier and more convenient). Pull the strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth, you should hear a clean sound (if not, you’re pulling against the hair). Then, apply a powder to absorb the excess oil and remove the residue with a special wipe.

After just one… I mean… ONE application, my hair was gone (and I have a lot of it). And… I’ve only done it a few times, but it’s holding up better than I could have ever imagined. I’m a huge fan.

As far as usability, my skin was never irritated by the soft wax and the hair really did not grow back as fast as it used to (maybe because it was softer?). I had good results waxing my upper lip and chin with the soft wax as well and I also heard that it works great on the eyebrows, but I never tried that.

The absolute best thing about my experience with the soft wax is that the hair does not come back as it used to… I mean… not really at all. Sometimes my hair would grow a bit longer after just one waxing, but it was never really coarse or difficult. Since I started using the soft wax on my underarms, I am basically hair-free for a good two or three weeks (or even a whole month).

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