Ethical Product Review: Aduna Super-Cacao Powder – 100g

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Aduna Super-Cacao Powder – 100g

This super-cacao powder from Aduna has 8 x the flavinol content than regular cacao powder, helping to maintain the elasticity of blood vessels which contributes to normal blood flow and supports cardiovascular health – just take two teaspoons a day! It is also rich in anti-oxidants that will give you radiant, younger looking skin. It is made with a blend of cacao powder from beans specially selected for their high flavinol content from Ghana, ensuring every purchase contributes to small-scale farmers. Made from all natural ingredients it is naturally wheat and gluten free as well as being suitable for vegans with no preservatives or additives.

Directions: Take 2 teaspoons (5g) a day. You can make a delicious chocolaty drink by mixing into a paste with a small amount of hot or cold milk before topping up your glass. Add sweetener to taste.

Aduna Super Cacao Powder Review:

Chocolate – raw cacao to be exact – is a superfood. I’ve always had a hankering to learn more about superfoods and then drink more of them, so I got this from Aduna. I was super-excited when the parcel arrived. Very carefully, I opened the packet and took out the chocolate powder, sniffed it and inhaled its deeply cacao aroma. Then, with care and precision, I read the side of the packet. I sat down and I made a chocolate drink with this cacao powder with hot water, some milk and some little drops of honey. It was the most awesome chocolaty chocolate drink. It tasted, best described as, chocolate milk with a subtle chocolate kick. The drink, goes without saying, was the greatest chocolaty beverage I had ever had. And I have had a few. I can’t wait to get my hands on some more of this with my next order. I’ve been going back down memory lane because I’ve had to wait for it to arrive from London and so I’m re-growing my love for chocolate. I’m going to have to start working out extra hard so I can burn off all of the calories! 

Aduna Super-Cacao Powder Review 1:

So, the first time I tried the Aduna Super-Cacao powder (which is really a cacao powder with added flavanols – anti-oxidants) was in the “recipe” on the leaflet that came with it. I added a spoon of the cacao powder with a bit of honey and about 3/4 a glass of boiling water and it formed a paste. It had a sticky consistency, but this totally disappeared if you swirled it around in the glass really well – it was like a cheap wine. Once mixed, it was a chocolatey, slowly-dissolving, frothy drink. It was a bit like a very dark chocolate milkshake with a hint of hazelnut and a totally non-bitter taste when sweetened.

On reflection, I think it would taste better with a bit of milk added to it as the initial taste was quite powdery, but I didn’t have any milk in the house. I would also make it stronger for hungrier palates, as it makes a fairly small drink. Next time, I’ll make it thicker, more chocolatey and add a bit more honey – but it will probably make the same size drink. It’s worth noting that I would want more than one of these drinks a day to really have any impact on my health, but I really enjoyed drinking it and would recommend it to anyone who’s looking for something different to try. It’s also available on Amazon in a bottle, which might be a better option for a lot of people. I might try that one next. It would be great in a smoothie, too.

Aduna Super-Cacao Powder Review 2:

I’m a big fan of chocolate – and not only eating it either. I particularly like it with a cup of coffee in the morning. I’m also a fan of the many health and cooking benefits that chocolate can impart. This being a major reason for why I’m so super-excited about the super tasty Super-Cacao / cacao powder from Aduna!

This organic super-cacao powder is produced with cacao beans from Ghana that are known to have a higher flavinol content than other cacao beans on the market. Simply taking 2 teaspoons of this seemingly sparse chocolate (black!) powder a day can help improve your cardiovascular health; it can gently reduce your risk of stroke and heart attacks. It can also help maintain healthy vascular function. The powder is also packed with anti-oxidants, which promotes radiant looking skin. The organic cacao powder was also produced to benefit small scale farmers in Ghana.

Making a super-cacao drink is very easy. All you need to do is mix two teaspoons into a little hot or cold water. Then, add some honey to sweeten the deal. It tastes great and it’s super good for you too. It’s the chocolate-lover’s healthy superfood – what’s not to like?

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