Ethical Product Review: Biona Organic Sauerkraut – 360g

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Add Biona sauerkraut as a tasty side dish to lots of healthy meals such as salads, grilled vegetables or even veggie hot dogs. Infused with juniper berries, this organic pickled cabbage is free from dairy, lactose, nuts and is suitable for vegans too.

Once opened keep refrigerated. This product is pasteurised and contains no added cane or beet sugar.

Drained weight is 230g.

Biona Organic Sauerkraut Review:

My husband read on a website that sauerkraut is a good source of fibre, so I decided to buy some to add some fibre to our diet. I have always loved sauerkraut when eating vegetarian sausages, but I didn’t really know what it was before I read it on the website, so I was curious to try it.

Sauerkraut is good for you

Biona Organic Sauerkraut Description:
Biona Organic Sauerkraut is made from fresh cabbage that is mixed with a little salt and then left for a few weeks. The juice that is released from the cabbage ferments and turns into sauerkraut. Over the years I have eaten it in lots of different restaurants, so I knew it was good. I love the taste, but I did wonder how different it would be in the can.

Biona Organic Sauerkraut Contains

it contains no added sugar, is suitable for vegans and is free from dairy or lactose.

This product provides the following 1 of your 5 a day:

Orange/ Yellow fruit and vegetables

I absolutely love this product and I will definitely be purchasing it again. At first I found the taste to be quite strong, but I have grown to love it and my husband has it on his sandwiches every day now. Everyone should try this product.

Sauté sweet potato slices, onions and mushrooms in a little olive oil until cooked through and then add the cooked sauerkraut and a little butter. Cook another 5 minutes and you have a quick, tasty and filling meal.

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Biona Sauerkraut Review:

Sauerkraut is an ancient food associated with both Germany and Poland. It is essentially a form of fermented cabbage, (referred to as ‘kraut’ in America and Canada, pluralized as ‘krauts’) which is naturally lacto-fermented. Sauerkraut is normally a stewed cabbage which is then stored in a cask or jar and preserved by means of refrigeration.

I had decided to buy some sauerkraut because I had learned that this is one of the healthiest vegetables on earth. I discovered that sauerkraut has been praised by some of the wisest people who ever lived. It has even been consumed by the ancients for thousands of years and has always been revered for its health giving properties.

Biona Organic Sauerkraut Review:

We loved this product. It comes in a really handy sturdy can that is perfect for the fridge. It is easy to open and doesn’t leak like jars that I have had in the past. It is very tasty and not at all overpowered by salt which I love.

Every day I try to eat at least one portion of my 5 a day vegetables and this is a great one to add to my daily diet.

Sauerkraut is also high in the vitamin B group and if eaten regularly will help give your skin a good glow and help break down any fatty deposits that are present. Eating sauerkraut regularly is also a great way to promote good gut health and digestion.

Fresh sauerkraut contains a large amount of lactic acid that provides the body with many important minerals. The lactic acid helps remove mucus and build strength in the body. The body must remove mucus from the nose and lungs that we breathe in everyday. If the mucus in your body gets too thick, it will clog airways in the body and cause breathing problems that can even lead to death.

Sauerkraut helps to remove excess mucus from the body and keeps it watery and thin, so it can flush through our system. It also helps the body to combat colds and flu.

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Biona Sauerkraut Review:

Sauerkraut is also high in Vitamin C which helps to fight viruses that cause colds and training. It is also very high in Vitamin A (Ascorbic Acid). Vitamin A is an antioxidant which means that it can help reduce oxidative stress in the body. This helps to fight chronic degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant that helps to fight against cancer and heart disease.

Sauerkraut must be consumed regularly to get the health benefits as the lactic acid levels will diminish as it is stored. Though sauerkraut is a powerful food, it is easy to add to your daily diet. You can add sauerkraut as a topping to a salad. Wrap a slice of lean turkey or chicken breast with low fat cheese and tomato and top with sauerkraut for a healthy lunch or dinner. You can even add a slice of cooked turkey or chicken liver and a slice of red onion.

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