Ethical Product Review: Biona Sauerkraut

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Biona Sauerkraut Overview:

Add Biona sauerkraut as a tasty side dish to lots of healthy meals such as salads, grilled vegetables or even veggie hot dogs. Infused with juniper berries, this organic pickled cabbage is free from dairy, lactose, nuts and is suitable for vegans too.

Once opened keep refrigerated. This product is pasteurised and contains no added cane or beet sugar.

No BPA used in the lid.

Drained weight is 230g.

Biona Sauerkraut Review:

I am in love with Biona sauerkraut. And what can i say i am not alone. My whole family enjoys it. During some of the cold days in winter we eat it almost every meal.

My grandmother (by blood not affection) was born in East Germany and she brought a taste for sauerkraut with her to South Africa. As a child and even as an adult i did not like the taste of sauerkraut.

However, Biona sauerkraut has changed my opinion. It is a healthier way to enjoy sauerkraut. It has no added cane or beet sugar and is free of lactose, dairy, nuts and suitable for vegans too. I like to eat it on a piece of rye bread with water melon as a snack, or as a side dish to a main meal.

It does not require refrigeration until you open it so it is very handy to use when traveling. I like to keep a jar in my lunch box too and add it to different meals like a piece of bread with avocado. I personally also add it to my salads, I like it as a substitute for croutons. I have tried it with avocado; it makes a very healthy super sandwich.

The Biona company is situated in Suffolk and also sells a range of other healthy products like their Biona vegetable stock, which has no added sugars and is also vegan friendly.

I would like to thank Biona for letting me review their Biona organic sauerkraut.

How could they improve the product?

Actually there is nothing I would like to see improved. It is a simple product but packs a lot of flavor. If it could be lower in calories then it would bring some competition to the market that Biona is in.

Overall rating: 9 / 10

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