Ethical Product Review: Black & Blum Eau Good Water Bottle – 800ml

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With an ergonomic design that fits the natural position of your hand, this reusable BPA free Tritan water bottle with a charcoal filter for tasty tape water is perfect for on-the-go hydration without the need for single use plastic water bottles. The bottle is secured with a leak-proof silicone and natural cork stopper held in place by a stainless steel ring at the bottle neck.

The included Binchotan charcoal water filter is made from sustainably sourced wood and is renowned for its ability to soften water, add good minerals and absorb unwanted tastes and odours such as chlorine. One filter will last up to 6 months and during that time can be boiled to recharge if you notice a decline in taste. Please make sure your bottle is filled up when placing your charcoal to avoid any breakages.

Eau Good Water Bottle Review:

I personally absolutely love the design of the black and blum eau good water bottle. The shape, the size. Everything. What I love about this water bottle is the shapes of the bottle, i personally found that when there is a water bottle with a handle, it does not sit very well in the hands whilst you are drinking from it. However with a good water bottle, you simply elegant place it in your hands and sip away. This water bottle is not too large either so it is perfect for keeping inside your bag. The blum eau good water bottle has a sturdy silicon band around the top of the bottle so even with the cork in it, the water bottle tends not to fall. In my opinion, the water bottle is perfect if you are going to the gym, short trips, it is the ideal size.


Eau Good Design:
The design of the product is a unique and stylish design. With the black and blum water bottle, i found that it is almost somewhat of a ‘gadget’ in which i found the design of the water bottle very quirky and fun to use. The cap itself is made from cork which makes the product look extra stylish and unique whilst creating a vintage vibe when you open the cap. With including the black and blum water bottle foam topper in the box, the product makes the prefect gift for a loved one (or yourself!) and can easily be stored away if you do not want to get it dirty when on the go. The design of the black and blum water bottle is stylish and fun to use. Another perk is that the design of the cap is very secure and will not leak any water when on the go.

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Black & Blum Charcoal Filter:
The charcoal filter is designed to add good minerals and absorb unwanted tastes and smells into the water. The charcoal filter is easily placed into the top of the black & blum water bottle and can easily be cleaned when required. Furthermore, the charcoal filter is also known for removing contaminants such as heavy metals and using the filter less frequently (as long as you replace it with the charcoal cap) another added plus is that it also helps to extend the life of the water bottle.

What’s to like about the Charcoal black and blum water filter

It is affordable.

It is eco friendly.

It (the charcoal filter) extends the life of the water bottle.

The charcoal filter removes unwanted tastes and smells (such as chlorine) from the water.

What’s not to like about the Black & Blum Charcoal Water bottle filter

The plastic parts of the product are very creaky and stiff when opening and closing the cap.

May find yourself wanting to top up the water bottle frequently due to the water bottle not being too big of a size.

Eau Good Binchotan Charcoal filter

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Overall Thoughts of the black & blum water bottle:
Based on the product, I will be impressed with the quality of the product. The sturdy silicon band inside the bottle which is meant to hold the black and blum water bottle closed is very strong and doesn’t let the water bottle fall. The design of the product is very quirky and stands out from the crowd. I found that the price of the black & blum water bottle is very reasonable and well worth it. As my charcoal water filter (which is included in the black and blum water bottle) is almost the cap of the black and blum water bottle, I have no problems with it.

Would I use the black & blum water bottle?

That’s a good question. Personally, I will use the black & blum water bottle as a gift for my family as a failsafe. I think that the black & blum water bottle would look really nice if I used the product for the gym or short trips to the park as it is the perfect size. However, I personally think that the black & blum water bottle does not look very appealing if it is on the dinner table or the cupboard with my other kitchen equipment. However, that is my personal opinion on the product and other people might like the funky and unique design of the product so why not try the black & blum water bottle for yourself too.

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