Ethical Product Review: Enzymedica pH Strips

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Enzymedica’s pH-Strips are intended for use in conjunction with pH-Basic. pH-Basic is formulated to assist in balancing the pH of individuals who are either too acidic or too alkaline. It also serves to enhance activity and efficiency of all enzymes in the body.

Enzymedica pH Strips Review: 

I’ve been using the Enzymedica Gold Strength Silver test strips for about three weeks. I have been on an Enzymedica program with pH testing for a little over a year and find these strips to be less irritating than the pH strips I was using. The pH strips from Enzymedica were more irritating since they were a different color than the pH strips that I was previously using. I could feel my skin burning and sometimes becomes crusted and irritated when I was using the same pH strips.

The pH strips from Enzymedica have a gold wire that rests on top of the strip. The wire has a five minute time limit, where you have to wait for it to turn bright yellow before taking the test. The test takes less than a minute to administer, then a couple of minutes for the test to process before you can see the results. I have noticed that while I am at rest, my pH is a little more acidic since the strips don’t give the strips time to turn completely yellow.

I took my first test after being out of the water for about two hours. The first test showed that my pH was very acidic. After a day or two, my first test gave me what was probably a normal result. Between tests, I was still having some issues, it was taking a long time to turn the results from blue to yellow and sometimes it wouldn’t turn yellow (and I’d have to wait for another test). I did some research on the internet and found out that the pH strip was having problems because of the electrode. I soon realized that the strips were not marked properly, so I re-marked them and noticed a big difference.

The pH was more consistently accurate. I have not had any problems with blue color from my results. I will take my pH every morning and evening, sometimes before bed and sometimes before a meal for as long as I’m taking Enzymedica.

Before I start my day, I have been using the strips on the back of my hand for a few years now and have never had any problems with the color of the strip’s actual color. I just took one yesterday, followed the directions and it turned a reddish color and would not turn bright yellow, despite the fact that it took the full five minutes for it to turn completely. So I took a second one, following the directions (or so I thought) and it did the same thing, although this time it turned yellow, then told me it was accurate and immediately turned bright yellow.

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I then, along with the Enzymedica testing program, applied the pH- Basic potion routinely, so I was getting some further assistance in my body that day. I usually don’t care for the taste, but I don’t think I did today, since my pH strips are the gold colored strips, I chose to apply the pH- Basic Potion to the back of my hand rather than the strip. It tasted a bit sour, which was nice. I usually cover my hand after applying and wiping my hand clean. When I did that I noticed that my hand was a little more irritated than usual.

The next morning my legs actually felt like they had a shit ton of bacteria infections when I woke up and I noticed that my enzymedica strips were really irritated and the color was fastness yellow. So now I’ll have to wait a few more days for my them to calm down. I have been using these Enzymedica strips for years now and love them. I guess I’ll just be patient and wait for them to calm down.

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