Ethical Product Review: Living Fuel SuperGreens

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Living Fuel is nutritional foundation for anyone who wants to obtain or maintain optimal health. It contains high amounts of amazing ingredients such as brown rice protein, barley grass, spinach, broccoli and more.

Living Fuel SuperGreens Review:

As soon as I opened the box I was amazed at the amount of product. There are no minimums for what you can order so I immediately started making packages to sell.

seeing as I was enrolling in the program I made a one month supply of the product.

I started drinking it with protein shakes which gave me energy for the rest of the day.

I suffered from premature aging due to some serious stress in my life and I was sure that I was going to see a noticeable difference in that area within the first month with the supergreens.

with the supergreens. I did not notice a change right away and I was beginning to think that I might be able to live without it. However, within 3 weeks I noticed a huge change.

My hair was more lustrous and it was a lot easier for me to manage. I think that my skin was glowing and it was very smooth. I noticed that I wasn’t craving junk foods so much and I was losing a lot of weight which I have been trying to stop doing for years.

I notice that the supergreens gave me a lot of energy and I do feel that my mind is more relaxed.

I am no way saying that all women can benefit from the supergreens but I can say that the new me is a very comfortable version of the old me. It is nice to be able to just sit and be and not worry about being productive all the time. I’m able to just be in the moment and enjoy it.

My wife of twenty-two years is a positive influence on many lives, including my own. I was first introduced to her in 1997. This was shortly after I had been promoted from linesman to engineer at the local Peoria, Arizona copper mine, Black Diamond.

She was bold, intelligent, and passionate about the world around her. She was beautiful and had spirit to spare. She courted my way to marriage, and I’m grateful to this day that I was able to agree to do so.

In 2006, I began to notice, as most men do, a change in my wife’s appearance. She was thinner and beginning to look frail. Her hair was falling out and thinning. I asked her about it and she told me she had breast cancer. She was misinformed about it initially, so I did some research on it.

My research revealed to me that the breast cancer that she has is common in history. However, the cancer that she had is very limited in what it does to a woman. The primary form is that one breast is removed to prevent it from spreading.

My wife underwent that procedure and it was successful.

Shortly after her surgery, My wife began to take a homeopathic type of product made by livingfuel. I have always been sceptical of that sort of living. However, I recognized the potential that her cancer had on her and decided to give it the benefit of the doubt.

My first indication of its presence was at the end of 2007, when I noticed a dramatic shift in her appearance. She was no longer losing her hair but had grown exponentially. She was taller and stronger. Her skin tone was even.

Since then, I began to notice a change in other areas of her life as well. She was able to accurately assess a problem before I had the chance to verbalize it. She discovered a new confidence in her personality. I became aware of this ourselves when I was helping her shampoo the lawn on a spring day in 2008. She quietly complained about the harsh chemical that I was using to clean up the garbage. She then produced a sponge from our house, which she had never used before, and proceeded to wash the grass. I was shocked. She had a natural intelligence that was almost spooky at times.

Her appearance and attitude grew more and more healthy and vibrant until recently. It took me ten years to notice a change in her appearance and it took her less than a year to go from sick and docile to physically and mentally well.

In summary, I’m convinced that that simple homeopathic ingredient that my wife took and all of the other natural ingredients that she takes has had the most impact in her recovery. My only complaint is that it would cost me a fortune to recoup the money that I have invested in her cosmetics, clothes, and other items that she needed over the last year and more.

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Living Fuel SuperGreens Review:

This product is the best diet/meal replacement powder out there that contains a wide array of essential nutrients that assist in fat loss and sports recovery, it also contains essential salt and electrolytes which

are lost during intense physical activity. It can be used for the entire day without side effects.

  • Trevor

Livingfuel is one of the best products on the market that is 100% vegetarian and has a low calorie content. Livingfuel Green is simple, functional, and versatile and has helped me reduce my body fat and strengthen my metabolism.

  • Edward Marin

I have been using LivingFuel for just under 3 weeks now. The one-month supply I ordered tasted like celery, but I didn’t mind. The fact that I could not taste any of the ingredients was a little confusing. I started using it every morning when I woke up and I could feel the energy increase within 5-10 minutes, sometimes within 3 minutes! Within a month or so, I noticed a significant decrease in excess body fat.

A friend at my gym commented on how fast I was working out and was amazed at how little fat I was carrying. Just two months ago I was coming to the realization that my adult life in the gym was pretty much a failure, no matter how many miles I was running I was not losing any weight. I thought about trying another diet to hopefully lose weight and increase energy and I was going to start where I work out: Calorie Control. I decided to try LivingFuel first, because I wanted to try something different. My initial results have been great with decreased body fat. A lot of people think I have a personal chef preparing meals at home. I eat the same foods I eat at home, it just has more calories. I am shoveling this stuff into my mouth, and I have gained weight! I haven’t lost the weight I have been wanting to, but I can say that the meal replacements have a really big helping impact in helping me decrease body fat to get into the shape I have always wanted. LivingFuel is the only meal replacement on the market that tastes good, and is not completely horrible. I only have to use about 10-15% of a serving to feel full.

My proportions of muscle and fat are much better than what they were two months ago. Life is good. – M. Wiley

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