Ethical Product Review: Percol Delicious Decaf Ground Coffee – 200g

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100% South American Arabica blend, this fair trade ground coffee is smooth and malty with notes of cereal and cashew nut. Sourced from Fairtrade certified farms, the beans used for this coffee are hand-picked at source and freshly roasted in the UK. A Strength 3, this coffee is naturally decaffeinated through a process known as CO2 Decaffeination.

Percol are big supporters of the Fairtrade Foundation, Rainforest Alliance and Soil Association. The beans are ethically sourced and hand-picked then freshly roasted in the UK, continually supporting the next generation of coffee growers. For Percol, it’s about putting people and planet before profits.

Packaging made from a blend of compostable polymers, derived from a range of natural products such as paper, plant fibres and eucalyptus wood pulp, just throw it away with your food scraps.

Percol Delicious Decaf Ground Coffee Review:

This is a great tasting, very smooth, full-bodied, dry roasted coffee. This coffee is the best I’ve had in a while, and it arrived with 4 other Percol decaf coffees in a gift pack, they were all great. The Percol decaf coffee is much smoother than most other decaf tasting coffees. It’s also nice too have decaf coffee out of a keurig machine as a packet of decaf tastes very processed and gross. Now I just reorder a 200g bag of Percol decaf once a month.

Out of the bag the Percol decaf coffee smells rich, fragrant and aroma’s of coffee. As a father of two girls drinking Percol decaf coffee is a must. I’ve been drinking decaf coffee for years because of my job, I always have to be alert, open to talk with parents, and ready to help anyone. Most of my time I’m am busy, and I need my coffee to be strong, smooth, and strong with flavor.

It was very yummy!

I love how I was able to really enjoy every single cup of coffee with Percol decaf. Even though I had just got a large order of coffee from one of the best Seattle local roasters I couldn’t help but try Percol decaf. It has great taste, the great rough double shots tasted amazing when making lattes, and the small doses were great for an easy morning drip.

Very smooth and lightly roasted.

When making a French press I noticed that Percol decaf coffee is very smooth, lightly roasted, and finishes with nice light of Guatemalan sugar.

As a mother of 2 girls working in the high tech industry I want a light and smooth coffee to start my day. The Percol decaf coffee is a perfect combination of high tech and mama. With a nice cup of morning coffee I felt calm energized ready to say “Good Day!” to all my customers, projects, and everything I’m working on.

The best light coffee with no chemicals, and it’s naturally decaffeinated. 100% Organic Decaf Coffee. Great flavor. Even if you

like bold coffee this decaf is the next best thing.

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Other Reviews:

  1. Decaf coffee is hard to find and this is the best one we’ve found.
  2. Excellent for coffee lovers that want to keep some caffeine but don’t
  3. Have a time for a full cup.
  4. No bitter after taste. Clean tasting and smooth to drink.
  5. Give this one a try and you’ll find it at least as good as any
  6. dark roast and plenty good with milk and sugar.
  7. We all loved this Percol decaf coffee and I highly recommend it.

The Percol Delicious Decaf Coffee blend is a pretty great coffee. The flavor is strong. This makes it a good choice if you like a bolder flavor of coffee, but also brings up the issue of my personal caveat: the flavor is not perfect. Whatever other flavors are in there are not quite balanced with the other flavors in the blend. Though it is one of the stronger blends that I have had overall, a lot of other good blends tend to be a little lighter in flavor, whereas this is rather peppy.

This is a fresh roasted (so called “fresh ground”) coffee. It makes for a nice to-go cup of coffee from the coffee shop to enjoy at your office in the morning, etc. I have personally enjoyed it in the morning, as well as that afternoon and evening. It is a good, everyday cup of coffee. (I’m rating it only 4 stars instead of 5 because I have had other good alternatives to this one.)

Aside from coffee, this brand is also well known for their tea and hot chocolate. Percol has been in the business for over 7 years and continue to provide high quality coffee and tea at affordable prices.

Percol Delicious Decaf Ground Coffee Review:

I like coffee. So much so that I write about it on my blog called Coffee Hound. The problem is that I also like to work out. I have found the perfect solution to this problem with coffee. Oh, that’s right, decaf coffee.

I’ve used many different brands of decaf coffee. Some of the most popular brands of decaf coffee include, Folgers, Maxwell House, Tim Hortons, and Starbucks. Of all of these brands, Percol is my favorite. It’s simple (what can I say; I like simple things – like decaf coffee). 

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