Ethical Product Review: PuraDyme LiyfBiotic Powder – 2oz

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PuraDyme’s Liyfbiotic is a natural mix of probiotics, used to promote a healthy digestive/intestinal tract. It contains 5 strains that can help to restore a healthy flora.

PuraDyme LiyfBiotic Powder Review:

This product contains a powder and a hint of claim — a dosage of 250 grams per pill. They are nice and small pills, and come in a very interesting package that resembles one pill the size of a poker chip. Everything is really perfect, and whoever makes these items, they need to be honored by all health conscious people.

How is it?

The product seems to be organic and genuinely natural. I don’t hold it anywhere, therefore, I can not rate its effectiveness. However, as for me, it is not the problem to eat it, but more expensive pills that need to be taken for a long period of time.

Do not take medication when you are pregnant or lactating, and do not take them if you have any disease.

This product is definitely very beneficial for those who have IBS-C disease. But again, for that I can not say for sure.

I love the container. It looks so special. And the logo on the bottle speaks of the purity of the product. I’m going to give this product a score of 9/10. It is effective and really good. The only thing to consider is the abnormal and abnormal feelings, along with the possible side effects, such as nausea, especially in the case of inexperienced users.


  • Comes in a small package
  • Contains 5 strains of probiotics,
  • all of which are effective
  • With no additives and allergens
  • The package reminds me of a poker chip
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Is well packaged
  • It really works?


  • At present, there are no complaints of side effects of this supplement
  • Too expensive
  • Because of it, you have to take only one pill a day
  • Great only for the people who have IBS disease, and not for the mind
  • The effect is long-term
  • It really works?
  • Comes in a small package
  • Offers maximalistic claims


For those people who are really interested in buying a quality natural product, puradyme is a must!

I would recommend this product, because it really helps to improve the quality of your body. If you’re considering to purchase this product, just remember that the effect should last longer than a week, but sometimes you just don’t know that, do not be afraid to try and try again.

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PuraDyme LiyfBiotic Powder Review:

PuraDyme is a mix of probiotics that have powerful effects on the intestinal flora, shifting the balance of beneficial microorganisms to help with good digestion and overall good intestinal health.

If, despite all that, the product does not suit you, you can return to the refund policy, which provides the opportunity to return any product within 30 days, so you always have a choice.


  • Produces a natural smell
  • Small in size, easy to take
  • Has a minimal possibility of side effects
  • Has a pleasant taste
  • Really works
  • Not expensive
  • Does not have any additives or allergens


  • Only works for around 10 days
  • After that, you need to start over again
  • It can be expensive


If you do not mind to try a new product, puradyme is a delicious, mild, but effective way to support good health. The product is highly recommended.

PuraDyme is a product derived from the fermentation of the natural raw ingredients. It contains a complex of ecological bacteria that support the cellular immunity and the intestinal flora, contributing to a healthy intestinal biome. This product is based on the natural fermentation process of the microorganisms, and therefore provides a refreshing taste.

Packing: When the product came, my first impression was to ask me if the package was made with the security of children. But I still gave it a try. It is very helpful, especially for those who do not like to take medication every day.

The product is not expensive, which is why I don’t have any reasons not to give it a good review, so I’ll say that I’ll have to say that works perfectly!

Price: Price is, in general, good, and it’s not too expensive, it’s affordable.

Where to buy: You can find this product on the official website.

Factor of importance: It is important if you are a wary person.

Considered: I think you will like this product. It is effective for intestinal flora.

Rating: 9/10

Of all the probiotics products I’ve tried, puradyme is by far the best. I think that anyone who isn’t absolutely obsessed with the “organic” factor will appreciate the purity of this product. I recently took this product, and I can’t believe that I wasted all those years of my life without trying it. This product really works.

I’ve tried to find many companies that really take care of their products, and I think puradyme is one of them. This supplement has helped me recover from bowel trouble that I had for a very long time. I used to have a very bad time with constipation. I thought it was a serious condition, but then I decided to look a little at the Internet and I found that there are many people who have such a problem, and a lot of companies who sell what they claim to be probiotics, but most likely are just recycled yogurt liquid.

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