Ethical Product Review: Santevia Water Filtration Pitcher

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Enjoy mineralised, alkaline water at home with the Santevia Alkaline Water Pitcher. This convenient, hand-held pitcher fits in the door of your refrigerator, and restores your tap water to its mineral-rich state–just like nature intended.

Santevia Water Filtration Pitcher Review:

Tap water can be pretty vile. It’s full of all sorts of nasty chemicals, as well as leaving behind a nasty taste. If you suffer from water-related illnesses, it’s best to stay away from it.

And if you have children, well I don’t want any of my children getting waterborne illnesses. My job is to protect them, and this little device gives me peace of mind.

We recently moved into a new house, and our old well water tasted bad.

We used our tap water for cooking, but it just wasn’t up to scratch. So we decided it was time to invest in a water filtering system. We were going to get a pitcher, but we opted for this one as it seemed more secure and the water tastes good so we can drink it.

If you’re like me, you’re not going to want the water to taste bad. And if you have children, it’s better to have water that tastes great.

But you wouldn’t believe how many plastic water filters are out there. Most are unreliable and break. I have a few of them, and the plastic breaks. Plastic cracks. Plastic breaks down.

So we opted for this stainless steel water filter pitcher, and it’s fantastic.


I really wish we’d thought of doing this a long time ago. It’s not only a great filter, it’s a great water pitcher. It’s easy to use and easy to keep clean. This is a great device for home! Where I live, the water tastes good and it’s easy to fix as opposed to buying a whole new water filtration system and filter.

I used to have a water filter in my fridge, but I found it more trouble than it was worth.

This is easy to use – you can be sipping great tasting water in no time. It’s great to clean, and it’s easy to keep clean.

I do recommend a filter pitcher if you are planning on drinking the water. It sounds crazy, and it might sound like you are being wasteful, but we are drinking up water that will never enter the tap again.

In short, I’m aware that this looks a bit off, but you’re not going to find it so different in the store, or I would have bought it in the store. But that said, this is a good way to preserve our water.

I have no idea what it’s made from though. I’m guessing stainless steel, as you would see welded joints or something similar. And it’s not that stainless steel looks different. If it doesn’t, well that would be a huge red flag.

NASA tested the Klean Kanteen in 2008 with its Zero-Gravity cooler, and it worked great in zero-gravity. It is recommended for ground and low-earth orbit using special packaging, since the manufacturer assumes the water container may be subjected to different temperatures during transport, and impact force during delivery.

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Santevia Water Filtration Pitcher Review:


Accurate measurement of water – the specific gravity of the water can determine the amount of mineral accumulated in the water.

Wireless remote design – the number of dependable water purifiers and filter pitchers is increasing, because of advanced technology and design. The remote is nice feature of the AMB Pure Water Control Unit which allows you to control the water flow from unit and from a distance by your smartphone or computer.

Filtration process – it is the best natural and physical way of improving the beauty of the water. Filtration removes chlorine, dirt, bad taste and unpleasant odor and will make water crystal clear and delicious.

No bags required – which means less trash, less waste of bags, bottles and containers.

No additional accessories required –Unlike other purifiers, this AMB Water Purifier does not require other accessories, so it is 100% plastic free and will save considerable money on replacement filters. It is easy to install, just hook up the water to the pitcher, fill the water from the faucet and let it purify. You will be surprised by the increase of taste of water.


Bottle opening is rather large – and you will probably just end up getting one of the narrowest water bottles out there, unless you’re a toddler or you’re a person who’s skilled at working with small objects, because it’s really hard to pour the water out of this without spilling quite a bit.

Polarity Reversal – Recoating filters are consumable parts. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the choice of the filter material, as well as the filter element.

One important thing to keep in mind is that the ratings that come with these filters are based on their chemical composition and the results of the filters that worked for the specific labs. So it is entirely possible that while the specs claim these filters are a “fountain of health,” they actually will not do the proper amount of filtering for you.

One of the best water filter and purifier pitcher I’ve used. It’s simple to use and easy to clean. We have tried a few different types of water filters and pitchers and far back we tried the Brita water filter which worked pretty nicely when we used water from the city and when we used bottled water.

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