Experts Tell Us the Best Climate Change Books

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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Climate Change Books. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

BIRTH OF THE ANIMA by Kelsey K. Sather

This product was recommended by Shelby Kisgen from Smith Publicity

In Birth of the Anima, Book One in her Ancient Language of the Earth trilogy, Sather deftly combines themes of sustainability, environmental justice, and feminism with nuance and creativity, infusing the entire journey with high-stakes magic and thrills.

There Is No Planet B by Mike Berners-Lee

This product was recommended by Will Hatton from The Broke Backpacker

There Is No Planet B: A Handbook for the Make or Break Years – Updated Edition is a thought provoking book that provides clear insight into climate change and the world around up. It explains what we need to do as a society to be able to move forward and have a more happy and effective future. There is no plan b for a planet, so we need to take care of this one so that we can continue to enjoy it with no problems in the future. There are many connected problems that come together to cause climate change, so every one of them has to be solved.

All We Can Save by Ayana Elizabeth Johnson

This product was recommended by Megan McSherry from ACTEEVISM

This collection of essays from various women at the forefront of the climate movement is one of the more empowering and uplifting books about the climate crisis that I have read. It’s easy to feel hopeless and scared when learning about climate change and the limited amount of time we have to keep our planet inhabitable, but I walked away from every essay in this book with more knowledge about climate solutions and more hope about the future of this movement. The short essay-style of this book and variety of subjects covered makes it perfect for easily distracted readers who desire to learn more about the climate crisis and its solutions.

Under a White Sky by Elizabeth Kolbert

This product was recommended by Farah Zaki from Independent Fashion Bloggers

This particular book focuses on problems that humans have created on planet earth. Moreover, it shares a comprehensive account of various potential solutions.

Losing Earth by Nathaniel Rich

This product was recommended by Farah Zaki from Independent Fashion Bloggers

This book focuses on climate change and how scientists are trying to minimise its effects.

Windfall by McKenzie Funk

This product was recommended by Sandrine Nestenius from Sandrine Nestenius Blog

You can read many climate change books about how to reverse the effects of climate change. Windfall will show you both the causes of long term global warming and the reasons why those in power won’t want to do much about it.

Our House Is on Fire by Jeanette Winter

This product was recommended by Farah Zaki from Independent Fashion Bloggers

This book is about Greta Thunberg, a sixteen-year-old climate activist who has sparked a worldwide student movent.

Don’t Even Think About It by George Marshall

This product was recommended by Bryan McKenzie from Bumper Crop Times

This was one of the first books that I read when I started thinking about sustainable living. Actually, it was the book that helped me realize my real place in the world and have an unvarnished look at my current attitude to the environment. The book also offers actionable tips on how to spread the ideas of environmentalism and conscious living amongst denialists of global warming and other human-triggered impacts on our planet. If you need a book that changes your mind, this one is a must-have.

This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein

This product was recommended by Bryan McKenzie from Bumper Crop Times

This book opened my eyes on multiple aspects of our economy and its negative impact on our lives and all the species the surround us. The author reveals the consequences of unregulated capitalistic initiatives around the world and offers a way to a radical change of business processes worldwide in order to stop the planet from rapid and painful stagnation.

Tales of Two Planets by John Freeman

This product was recommended by Kerry Lopez from Incrementors

Read this climate change book to find out stories from Haiti to Bangladesh, from those who hail from places under the most critical stress from the climate crisis. Tales of Two Planets includes essays, fiction, poems, and reportage from around the world to illustrate the dreadful inequalities that are further exacerbated by climate change, bringing further human context to your understanding of a complex crisis.

The Future by Al Gore

This product was recommended by Jen Paynter from 108 Yoga Road

The Future by Al Gore, he looks at causes of the problems and examples of ways the issues are being fixed in various places. Exhausting in the amount of information there but worth it.

Confessions of a Radical Industrialist by Ray Anderson

This product was recommended by Jen Paynter from 108 Yoga Road

This is super inspiring then a bit depressing, if Ray was able to do all the work he did with a long distance goal of 2020 why haven’t the other major industries caught up?

The Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace-Wells

This product was recommended by Brack Nelson from Incrementors

This is not a novel about the science of warming; it is a book about what heating means to the way we live on this planet. Wallace-Wells writes in The Uninhabitable Earth, intuitive and alert. The Uninhabitable Earth transforms scientific predictions into lyrically given realities, with the author painting gloomy pictures of what life will be like at each degree of melting. He predicts climate displacement, food insecurity, geopolitical war, global afflicts, and pouring natural disasters, among other terrible realities. The doom Wallace-Wells predicts is shocking, ruthless, and entirely self-exposed. Wallace-Wells writes, “It is worse, much worse than you think.”

The Constitutional Question to Save the Planet by Franklin Kury

This product was recommended by Robert J. Oltmanns from OPR Group, LLC

The right to a healthy environment is a Constitutional right in three states, making it a fundamental protection under the law on par with freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Franklin Kury, a lawyer and former Pennsylvania state senator who wrote the Constitutional amendment in Pennsylvania, argues in his new book that President Biden’s climate change agenda must include a Constitutional amendment as the only way to ensure that a healthy environment becomes an enforceable public policy that will be guaranteed by the courts for years to come.

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