The Cunnilinguist: New Book “Comes” to the Rescue, Addressing The Orgasm Gap

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United Kingdom – According to research, receiving oral sex can double a woman’s chances of orgasm, yet millions of women do not experience the “big-o” on a regular basis. Call Alex B. Porter to the rescue, a lesbian author whose advice transcends gender and sexual orientation to ensure anyone can become an cunnilingus aficionado.

‘The Cunnilinguist: How To Give And Receive Great Oral Sex: Top tips from both ends of the tongue’ is destined to save many a sex life, as the matter at hand is delicately licked with good humour, research and tons of experience.


Did you know that lesbians report more orgasms than straight women and receiving oral sex can double a woman’s chance of orgasm? Those are two findings from a large research study into the differences in orgasm frequency among gay, lesbian, bisexual, and heterosexual men and women. However, fear not; The Cunnilinguist has you covered.

Going down. Eating out. Rug-munching. Speaking in tongues. No matter what you call cunnilingus, talking about it is sometimes uncomfortable and awkward—Until now.

The Cunnilinguist is a refreshingly modern guide to oral sex with a sense of humor. Written by a woman with experience at both ends of the tongue, this guide will build your confidence in giving —or receiving— oral sex.

“This refreshingly modern guide takes the business of giving and receiving pleasure seriously, but never takes itself too seriously. It’s full of orgasm-inducing tips and techniques for both giver and receiver, presented with equal doses of good humor and practical, usable information.” —Susan Harper PhD (sexuality educator and editor)

Read #TheCunnilinguist and…

You will learn tested tips, tricks and techniques that any giver or receiver can try. The Cunnilinguist: How To Give And Receive Great Oral Sex has insights and tips for readers from beginner to advanced, single to married, and regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

You’ll learn tips about how to:

  • Find and use pleasure points
  • Move from foreplay to oral sex
  • Overcome fears and insecurities
  • Make sex safe, hygienic and fun
  • Change up your positions
  • Use fingers, vibrators and dildos
  • Incorporate roleplay or power play
  • Spark intimacy before, during and after oral sex
  • And you’ll learn what not to do!

The Cunnilinguist includes the latest scientific research alongside firsthand advice from a woman with experience on both ends of the tongue.

“The Cunnilinguist tackles a serious subject with humour and a risqué spiciness anyone will enjoy,” explains the author. “It’s meticulously researched, then fused with my own experiences and finally put out into the world for all to enjoy. If you’ve never had an orgasm before, never been able to give one, or want your current “going over the edge” to be more intense than ever, then you need this book. Although there’s more to sex than orgasm, as you’ll soon find out.”

Continuing, “As an avid giver and receiver of cunnilingus, I definitely bring a unique perspective to things, but the advice is suitable for anyone regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. We all deserve to experience pleasure and for those us with a clit, receiving oral sex can really improve the likelihood of orgasm. As a society, it’s about time we rethink what “sex” actually is and give cunnilingus the attention it deserves!” — Alex B Porter (author)

Reviews have been extremely positive. Shirin comments, “I loved the style of this book although it’s not for those who are easily shocked. It really puts you at ease an encourages you to share/talk about sex and then try things. It has taken things up a notch for us already :)”

More information:

‘The Cunnilinguist: How To Give And Receive Great Oral Sex: Top tips from both ends of the tongue’ is available now on eBook and Paperback: (Amazon + all major retailers). Audiobook due for release 29th March 2019, available on all major retailers.

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