Leading East Asian-founded Lifestyle Startups Transforming America’s Living Trends

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In a world that is becoming increasingly competitive and diverse, it is crucial to focus our attention on those companies spearheading novel ideas in their respective industries. This couldn’t be more relevant than in the Lifestyle sector, where East Asian founders have been leaving their indelible marks. This piece part of a series by Pretty Progressive, aimed at highlighting startups rooted in minority groups, is honing in on some of the most innovative lifestyle startups led by East Asian entrepreneurs. Delve into these trailblazing startups, as we embrace and celebrate their commendable contributions to the industry.

Lifestyle, a versatile and steadily growing industry, encompasses an array of sectors such as fashion, skincare, fitness, and hospitality. The recent surge of startups in this field has ushered in invigorating new trends and tech-enabled solutions catering to diverse personal needs. East Asian entrepreneurs, with their unique perspectives and entrepreneurial spirit, have been shaping these trends significantly.

Let’s showcase ten such groundbreaking startups led by East Asian entrepreneurs that have been making waves in the lifestyle industry, spanning across varied domains such as smart fashion, personalized skincare, holistic health, and more. Get inspired by their stories – their founders, their motives, and their innovative solutions to everyday problem-solving – as we journey through their awe-inspiring ventures.


Founded by Alex Louie and Sun Kim in the heart of Torrance, California, STORY SPARK thrives at the intersection of art and technology. This graphic tee startup envelopes a love for technology with a passion for human design. Driven by the ubiquity of the digital age, STORY SPARK serves as a reminder to relish in our humanity. Their products are crafted in pursuit of inspiring the spark within to create fun and memorable experiences. Connect with STORY SPARK on
Twitter, or

Proven Skincare

Proven Skincare, with founders Amy Yuan Zaoshi and Ming S. Zhao at the helm, leverages artificial intelligence to create personalized skincare products.
Based out of San Francisco, California, Proven Skincare allows customers to design and customize products to fit their unique lifestyles. You can stay updated with Proven Skincare on


When Eastern philosophy meets Western technology, you get Melixir. Hana Lee’s San Francisco-based startup Melixir is grounded in Korean skincare rituals and science. Their 100% vegan and sustainable plant-based skincare products are tailored to deliver clinically-proven results for sensitive skin types.

Pink Moon

Pink Moon, founded Lin Chen in New York, merges emotional health and self-love with beauty. A social impact brand, Pink Moon transforms self-care acts into intimate, soul-nourishing rituals with its multi-functional products. To learn more about Pink Moon, follow them on
Facebook or

Goblin App

The Portland-based Goblin App is a unique offering from founder Michelle Retter focused on personal development and productivity. Their platform uses gamification to aid in task management, enabling users to track and optimize their daily routines effectively. Find them on


At the cutting edge of technology and design is LARQ. Founded by Justin Wang and Robert C. Walker in Foster City, California, LARQ provides an innovative solution to access pristine drinking water easily and sustainably. Stay up-to-date with LARQ on
Twitter, or


Fitbod, co-founded by Allen Chen and Jesse Venticinque in San Francisco, revolutionizes strength training with the power of machine learning. Fitbod’s technology customizes real-time strength-training plan catered to the user’s physical capabilities and goals. To learn more about Fitbod,
visit their website or follow them on
Twitter, or

Noble Stay

Noble Stay, a New York-based startup by Karl Backlund and Mitchell Jean-Milard, is a technology company transforming the premium travel space. Noble Stay uses an innovative approach to redefine the way we experience luxury travel.
For more on Noble Stay, visit
their Facebook page or

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