Ethical Product Review: MAP Master Amino Acid Pattern – 120 tablets

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MAP is a dietary protein substitute that contains the MAP Master Amino Acid Pattern (U.S. Patent No. 5,132,113) a unique pattern of essential amino acids in a highly purified, free, crystalline form.

MAP Master Amino Acid Pattern Reviews:

All of the elements contained in Master Amino Acid Pattern have been meticulously blended and regularly complexed with lactose (milk sugar), to ensure that only the purest, highest quality and most potent amino acids have been included. In a MAP product, every single essential amino acid is supplied in the ‘best possible’ concentration, quality and form.

MAP contains the longest chain essential amino acids, which are more bioavailable, as well as the shortest chain essential amino acids, which are not only less bioavailable, but also much less expensive. The maximization of the most bioavailable essential amino acids has been the primary focus of MAP’s development.

As a result, MAP contains both branched chain (BCAA) and non-branched chain (NAC) essential amino acids. A BCAA is an amino acid with a long carbon chain, which has a biological half-life better than the other two essential amino acids. The NAC essential amino acids have a shorter carbon chain as compared to the BCAA. Why the NAC? Historically, all conventional amino acid formulas have utilized only the BCAAs. The partially ‘non-branched’ nature of the NACs gives them different bio-properties which make them unique. They can be utilized very efficiently by the body and have an important role in muscle tissue maintenance.

MAP supplies 3 grams of BCAAs per serving. Another 4 grams of NACs are included in each serving. The ratio of BCAA to NAC on a weight-per-weight basis is the highest currently available anywhere in the world. The ratio of NAC and BCAAs in Master Amino Acid Pattern is greater than in most protein powders or even whey protein products available today.

The highest biological value will trigger muscle growth many times higher than what is possible with the conventional whey protein powder. The reason is simple: BCAAs and NACs simply have a profound effect on protein synthesis. Even a single serving of Master Amino Acid Pattern protein, when combined with a balanced diet and resistance training, will yield far greater muscle growth than can be achieved with the most expensive protein supplements in the world, with disastrous side effects.

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MAP Master Amino Acid Pattern Review:

A serving of Master Amino Acid Pattern protein delivers at least as much if not more than a pound of muscle; this is far beyond what can be achieved without supplementation. It supports significant muscle growth and recovery, vastly enhances strength and endurance, improves mood and mental clarity, enhances physical appearance and self-esteem and provides a more youthful look.

When compared side-by-side with whey protein powder, Master Amino Acid Pattern protein is much more pure and powerful, with no fillers, additives and poor quality protein species.

From a performance standpoint, Master Amino Acid Pattern protein is superior. Whey protein powders (which may contain only 20% or less true protein content) have virtually no creatine properties. Master Amino Acid Pattern protein contains creatine. Additionally, in clinical and sports applications, whey protein has never been shown to be superior to carbohydrate beverages. In fact, whey protein powder has always been shown to work no better than a carbohydrate beverage, and its effects are oxygen debt that you must pay back with more cardio and weight-training, and much more dieting.

In fact, whey protein powders (even the best) have been shown to cause blood sugar spikes. This in turn leads to the kind of hypoglycemic effects that are the worst possible thing for athletes. All of the best proteins available in Master Amino Acid Pattern are fat-free and do not have lactose, saturated fat or cholesterol. All of the fat in Master Amino Acid Pattern is in the form of phospholipids and essential fatty acids.

No need to add any fluff! There is nothing in Master Amino Acid Pattern. Because Master Amino Acid Pattern is complete and balanced, there is no need to add any additional protein, glutamine, calcium, digestive enzymes, or other minerals.

The best of the best ingredients are included, which means that this product will last and last for long periods of time and at a very economical price. The integrity of Master Amino Acid Pattern protein powder is hard to equal.

Because Master Amino Acid Pattern protein powder is complete and balanced, no other supplement is needed to support any of the benefits of strong protein use, feels natural to the digestive system and does not alter or compromise the flavor profile.

People with sensitive stomachs or digestive problems are best suited to whey protein powders. Whey protein powder is superior, but protein powders are not a ‘magic bullet,’ and should not be considered as something one should take to lose weight, irrespective of what we’ve seen in the literature. Protein supplements are best used to support muscle growth, recovery, body appearance and performance.

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