Ethical Product Review: Natural Stacks Dopamine Brain Food – 60 capsules

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Dopamine Brain Food is designed to promote the production of dopamine, a neurotransmitter essential to the central nervous system. Dopamine Brain Food is a nootropic stack made from natural ingredients and formulated to support natural neurotransmitter metabolism.

Natural Stacks Dopamine Brain Food Review:

My son is 4 years old and we asked for a “natural” supplement that he could take. He has been on this (along with the normal stuff) for 6 months and the difference in behavior is amazing. He is outgoing, happy, patient, shy, and as long as we stay on this routine he has been excellent. I can feel a major difference in him and I have no doubt this is helping him develop the personality he never had. The only negative of the “natural” is that because they are made from plant phenolics it is a bit hard on his stomach. We are adding 1 scoop more instead of one scoop and I am also adding extra probiotics to his food. The deal they are offering is AMAZING. I would definitely buy this for other children if it was legal to do so. (it should be). I can totally see the difference in my little boy!

My children have been on these ever since they were 3 and 7. One was diagnosed with insulin dependent diabetes at 7 and his brother remained on the ADHD supplements. Great for all the above. The only problem is that they don’t sell this in a 4 oz or ounces. So, I always have to look for others to compare them with, buy in quantities of 4 oz in order to get the same dosage. Which does limit the purchase. The quality is very good as far as all-natural goes. I do wish they would make this in 4 oz or ounces.

My kid has ADHD and I substitute our usual supplement with this one. It is working after a few weeks of using it. I am thankful. I would recommend this product to EVERYONE.

My 9 year old son, a full time high school student, experienced bouts of lethargy and hyperactivity during the winter months and this product appears to be working very well to reduce these. I’m so pleased to see not only his parents, but all of his teachers commending his improved behavior and performance.

I’ve been taking this stuff for about 3 weeks now and already have noticed big differences in myself and in my son! I think it is helping him have a calmer, more focused type of attention span which I am very grateful for since he is in a full-time independent class and needs a lot of focus to realize what he is being taught. I’ve noticed some big improvements in my vocabulary as well! My husband and I have even started going out to play dates and just enjoy ourselves more! We don’t feel as stressed or anxious during these times. We’re also going out more to do things like shopping. The big difference has been in getting the kids to sit down and help out in the kitchen. My kids like to snack on potato chips which are empty calories and don’t help with concentration. I’m sure it won’t solve the problem but this stack has given us the tool to feed their brains and get them to focus better. Excellent, really excellent!! Definitely recommend it.

My kids and I have tried so many different types of products to help with their high energy levels, close attention span, and daily challenges. These really help. I feel like the kids are able to focus more and get more done in a day. I like that they don’t leave a residue in the mouth so it all goes down easily.

We tried them and they did quell some of the excess energy in my son. It’s like a mental zen! I am on the waiting list for another shipment.

They work!

They work and my daughter has been fully functional without any behavior issues in days. So pleased to find something so natural that works.

Just started using this product and I have noticed so far no cravings for potato chips, soft drink, candy or soda. Physically I am feeling more “alert” as they say … And I am playing catch-up to get out of some ruts. I will report back after a few more weeks to let you know how it goes 🙂

I am only 3 weeks into this product and I have definitely noticed an improvement in many aspects of my life.

First and foremost is the fact that I am no longer a sugar junkie. I make sure to have natural berries each day and drink water. I notice my energy levels are higher and I barely have room for anything else.

Second is the fact that I never have to deal with stomach aches anymore. This stuff has me hooked!

Down side is, I do still struggle with irregular periods, but I think that is because I am eating way too many junk foods and sweets. Hopefully that will change with time.

Overall I highly recommend this product. I’m only in the middle of my first container. Please let me know if you ever start selling the full containers as I have seen another of your products (Brain Power) that is selling 8.9oz packets which are great for travel and while on the go but will be very expensive to purchase over time!

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Natural Stacks Dopamine Brain Food Review:

I have two children who are ADHD/ADD. The older, who is 9, is very active and has a short attention span. This product has helped him concentrate for longer periods of time. The younger, who is 6, has outbursts of anger that end up in abuse. We have been on this product for three months. We might have outgrown this product, though, as he has not shown enough improvement to continue use. He reacts so differently, though, now, that it has made a huge difference in his behavior. He’s at least able to make small talk with other kids rather than trying them to death.

My two sons, ages 9 and 11 have been on Natural Stacks for several months now. We started them on these about a year ago and they both show improvement in their grades, behavior and openess to others in school. I will be ordering again when it is time for a refill.

My child goes through every once of the ADHD three times a week!

It is hard to say what the result is but my son has been labeled with ADHD and I will do anything to help him. We are in the middle of getting those results back from the doctor. My son is only receiving ADHD because he is hyperactive. I dont want him labeled with the addiction disorder, but I also dont want him labeled with hyperactivity. Anyway, I just want to say that so far the difference is that my son is sitting still and listening, without being fidgety. He isnt craving sugar like he use to. So I am hoping that it helps him in some way. I wish they had a larger container because it lasts a long time!

We are on the fence about this product. We are only giving it 30 days to see if it really works, when I first tried it, I noticed a difference that did help with my son’s mood. He was very happy. He was able to focus better and stay calm as opposed to running around non stop. But, like my dad said, it doesn’t leave any residue. The only issue is he is getting short of breath or something.

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