The Benefits of Tea for Women

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Healthy habits are the cornerstone of life with longevity. Unfortunately, many women suffer from mental and physical health circumstances that are unique to our physiological makeup. That said, there are plenty of natural remedies to combat, and in some cases prevent, many diseases that are specific to women.

One of the oldest remedies to a number of women-specific diseases and health concerns is tea. This hot beverage has proven itself for its anti-inflammatory, memory-enhancing properties. For more information on what teas are best suited for women, take a look at this tea guide for every mood.

Mental Health Benefits

With the rise of social media and shifting cultural norms, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in mental health problems. In fact, the Anxiety and Depression Association of America cites that women are twice as likely to be affected by a generalized anxiety disorder while a major depressive disorder is more prevalent in women than men.

Certain teas have been linked to assisting with these types of disorders. Rooibos tea specifically is a caffeine-free beverage that naturally has antioxidants and minerals that assist with anxious tendencies. Chamomile’s sedative properties can also be increasingly beneficial to women suffering from mental health disorders. Lastly, lemongrass tea promotes relaxation and subsequently lower heart rates.

Cancer Prevention

In 2020, nearly 280,000 invasive cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in women. The American Cancer Society reports that “breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women”. These rates, although disheartening, do not account for the 3.5 million breast cancer survivors in the United States.

According to Healthline, Essiac tea has gained notoriety for its anticancer properties. Research recounts that it can kill cancer cells while stimulating detox. Although research is limited, this tea is a nod for those interested in alternative medicine and natural remedies.

Skincare Benefits

Skincare has taken hold of recent trends in the United States. People have been drinking tea specifically for its benefits to the skin for thousands of years. Beverages such as green tea, rooibos black tea, and ginger tea have been praised for their positive effects to the epidermis, or the surface of the skin.

It’s clear that tea should be a go-to beverage for women seeking a healthy lifestyle. Use this guide, courtesy of Kitchen Cabinet Kings, to learn more about the positive effects and health benefits of these ancient remedies.

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