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6 Tips To Decrease the Stress Your Employees Feel

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6 Tips To Decrease the Stress Your Employees Feel

Work consists of projects, tough conversations, and rapid deadlines, and stress can accumulate quickly as work builds up. How can managers and CEOs decrease the stress employees feel at work? Continue reading to find out which tips might transform the environment of your office.

Schedule Regular Breaks in the Office

Employees will burn out if they’re working continuously for eight hours a day. Even though it might be in the company policy for employees to take designated breaks throughout the day, their ample workloads may discourage these breaks.

Instead of leaving the breaks up to the employees, ensure employees schedule break times into their daily schedules. During those 15-minute breaks in the morning and afternoon—including their 30-minute lunch break—no one should disturb employees with queries about work. This is the time for them to rejuvenate their bodies and minds before returning to their busy workday.

Close the Office for a Day Once a Month or Once a Quarter

Some employees are afraid to take paid time off or use personal days. With a hectic office and numerous deadlines, employees feel the weight of their job affecting their daily life.

If possible, consider closing the office outside of just the designated holidays. Give employees these special days away from work to increase personal enjoyment and reduce work-related stress.

Offer Mental Health Resources

CEOs and managers can’t fix everything. Although they can implement tactics to help, some individuals may benefit from professional assistance.

Ensure your company has mental health resources available for the team. They can thoroughly work through their emotions and find ways to improve their performance in life and work.

Increase Transparency Among the Team

Sugarcoating doesn’t help anyone. Employees that feel stressed will lose their motivation and become less productive.

Decrease their stress by having honest conversations. Hold more valuable team meetings and talk openly about workloads, break times, and much more. When everyone gets on the same page and speaks more honestly, progress will follow.

Discuss Realistic Goals

Many employees are high achievers who have unreasonably extreme expectations for themselves. And when they can’t reach these goals, they feel worried and disappointed.

Sit down with each employee and learn about the expectations they have for themselves. If you deem those standards too outrageous, discuss and establish acceptable goals. The process can gradually reduce their stress as they don’t worry about their previous unconventional expectations.

Alter the Office’s Design

Intense white lights, tiny cubicles, and uncomfortable desks don’t establish a welcoming environment designed for productivity. It will cause employees to feel distressed and distracted.

Think about investing in an office makeover! Properly spaced-out cubicles, comfortable chairs and desks, warm lighting, and a new shade of paint can transform the space. In addition to taking the rest of the necessary steps listed above, this new design can help employees feel at ease in a growingly positive work environment.

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