Tips for Personal Trainers: Creating a HIIT Workout Session

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Tips for Personal Trainers: Creating a HIIT Workout Session

High-intensity interval training rose in popularity in 2014 and continues to be an effective workout choice. HIIT involves doing short bursts of intense exercises with brief rest periods in between. This form of workout offers many benefits, including muscle gain, improved circulation, and weight management.

As a personal trainer, the bulk of your business relies on the results your clients see and the workout experiences you provide. Offering HIIT sessions allows your clients to indulge in intense, highly-beneficial exercises that lead to quality results. Learn some tips for creating a HIIT workout session and improving your personal training business.

Add Inclination

Intensify workouts with inclination. Your clients will experience more resistance during an inclined workout because gravity works against them. The more resistance, the greater the challenge and the higher the physical demand. Many personal trainer guides to incline workouts suggest adding inclination on treadmills to up the intensity of runs, jogs, and walks. When you combine the intensified movement with break intervals, you get an effective HIIT exercise for your clients to enjoy.

Maximize Interval Ratios

Consistent intervals between intense exercises and rest are the key components of a HIIT workout. Most people conducting and carrying out HIIT follow the classic one-to-three ratio, such as 15 seconds of intense movement and 45 seconds of rest.

However, the ideal ratio for your client might vary, depending on their fitness level, challenge endurance, and desired results. Beginner clients might benefit from longer rest periods. Highly-physical and fit clients could do a four-to-one ratio—one minute of movement with 15 seconds of rest. Maximize your interval ratios by customizing them to your clients and their needs.

Cater to Specific Goals

Different forms of movement provide varying types of workouts, targeting particular things. Overhead presses focus on the upper body, building strength and toning specific arm and chest muscles. Running works out your lower body but also improves endurance and stamina.

HIIT makes any exercise much more effective, boosting the results. Design your high-intensity interval exercises with movements that cater to your client’s specific fitness goals to ensure they get the most out of your sessions.

Encourage Meaningful Rests

Whether you offer your clients a 15- or 45-second break, making sure they actually rest during those intervals is important. High-intensity workouts push people’s bodies and test their limitations. Improper rest periods between sets push the body into overdrive. This can increase risk factors and decrease their health and wellness. Make sure your clients rest their bodies during break intervals to guarantee a more beneficial workout. Encourage clients to practice deep breathing, sip some water, and do some gentle stretches. You want them to take a pause without cooling down their muscles.

Providing your clients with an effective workout regimen and creating a HIIT workout session allows you to help others on their fitness journey.

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