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Ways Your Business Can Be More Sustainable

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Ways Your Business Can Be More Sustainable

New eco-friendly technology is being produced every year to combat the climate crisis. Though there are personal steps you can take to minimize your carbon footprint, getting your company to join in on sustainable practices can reduce substantial carbon emissions. Explore several ways your business can be more sustainable to decrease its harmful impact on the planet.

Commit To Recycling

It’s not unusual to be confused on whether something is recyclable or not without adequate labeling. Start a recycling program in your office that provides a meticulous breakdown of what items belong in the trash and which belong in the blue bin.

Make recycling bins accessible to everyone in the office by placing them around your facility. Seek a local recycling provider for tips on proper recycling. They can offer guidelines for recycling old network cables that may give you pause when it’s time to toss.

Switch To LED Lighting

LED lighting utilizes energy in an optimal fashion. Unlike standard halogen and incandescent lightbulbs, LED uses four to ten times less energy, yet illuminate efficiently. Practice good habits when it comes to electricity, such as turning off lights in vacant rooms and putting systems that are not in use on energy-saving mode.

Entice Employees To Join Sustainable Missions

Encourage your coworkers to be mindful of their energy consumption at work, too. You can put up friendly reminders to turn lights off, power down devices at the end of the day, and more.

If you really want to provide comprehensive reasoning behind your company’s sustainable mission, you can hire a green company to conduct an informative meeting. An environmental professional can enlighten staff on ways your business can be more sustainable that involve their participation.

Be Mindful of Your Intake

Swap out bad habits where you can. For example, instead of stocking the breakroom with plastic water bottles, install a filtered water fountain. This will encourage employees to use reusable bottles.

Only order nonrecyclables as needed. Taking meticulous inventory of company items will help prevent wasteful duplicate orders and save money.

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