20 Best Podcasts About Sexual Liberation of 2021

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Are you wanting to learn more about sexual liberation? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best sexual liberation podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, Twitter us Pretty Progressive (Twitter) and we will check it out!

Best Sexual Liberation Podcasts 2021

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Speak Sex with Eve

  • Publisher: Eve Eurydice
  • Total Episodes: 98

Experience the Freedom and Power of Speaking Sex. Sex is a Human Right. The Feminine is Rising, Sex is Political, the Patriarchy is Dead. Give Conscious Consent. Balance Nature with Culture: Join the Speak Sex R/Evolution! Eurydice Eve is the author of books on liberation sexuality (Satyricon USA: A Journey Across the New Sexual Frontier, f/32: The Second Coming, UMI). Eurydice speaks operational program updates to unteach our social conditioning.

Unfinished Business

  • Publisher: The British Library
  • Total Episodes: 34

The fight for women’s rights is unfinished business. But where do we begin? Join incredible women, including actor and activist Jameela Jamil, Sex Education writer Laurie Nunn, Nubian Skin founder Ade Hassan, Olympic gold medal winner Victoria Pendleton and feminist icon Susie Orbach, as they talk to British Library curator Polly Russell about all things sexual liberation, intersectionality, mental health and more. Find out about the long history of women fighting for justice, discover remarkable characters from the past and hear from women today who are challenging and changing the world for the better. Creating a space for in-depth conversations on issues that matter across the world, this brand new podcast accompanies the British Library’s major new exhibition Unfinished Business: The Fight for Women’s Rights, open in London until 21 February 2021. Unfinished Business podcast series is generously supported by Joanna and Graham Barker and The Eccles Centre for American Studies. A Pixiu production.

Heaven On Earth with Adeenah Hammer

  • Publisher: Adeenah Hammer
  • Total Episodes: 16

HEAVEN ON EARTH PODCAST with Adeenah Hammer – This show has one intention: to support you in your personal liberation as a leader of New Earth. I’m here with you to share the authentic experiences of my own journey, as well as those of leading edge transformationalists on topics ranging from personal mastery, creator consciousness, embodiment, sexuality, prosperity, and more. I believe in the vision of a harmonious, thriving world- and I believe it begins with our choice to LIVE FULLY in our creative capacity. I invite you to meet your own edges as myself and my guests meet ours. Xx, Adeenah


  • Publisher: AudioBoom
  • Total Episodes: 101

What really happens when a jury retires to deliberate? Find out each week on Deliberations, a modern day, improvised audio drama that allows criminal justice enthusiasts to step inside a jury room. Each season explores a different courtroom drama inspired by real life criminal trials in the news. Six improvisers serve as the jury and passionately react, negotiate, and argue opposing interpretations of the evidence. Season Two examines the rights of accusers and defendants in cases of sexual misconduct. Tallahassee college student Keith Montgomery stands accused of rape, leading jurors to face the question: who is lying? Season One explores the murder trial of dominatrix Samantha Hall, charged with murdering her submissive lover with a rope. Was it an erotic asphyxiation gone awry or a premeditated killing?

ThinkKink:Don’t Be Shame Now

  • Publisher: ThinkKink
  • Total Episodes: 5

Two sisters. One sexually liberated podcast! We are going to take you on a wild and exhilarating ride to sexual liberation. Buckle up and have [email protected]

Take Me Out

  • Publisher: Tiff Baira
  • Total Episodes: 36

Take Me Out, a continuation of Tiff’s popular TikTok series, follows Tiff as she defines what it means to date in New York on her own terms. Through candid conversations with a cohort of in-the-know NY creatives and social media personalities, Tiff takes you on an often-poignant, always-hilarious journey through SoHo lofts, Bushwick basements and Lower East Side bathrooms — giving you all the dirty details you didn’t know you needed. In addition to personal anecdotes, Tiff and her guests shed light on important topics like inclusivity, representation and body positivity, effectively mixing her signature provocative humor with a necessary sense of emotional depth and vulnerability. Take Me Out was conceived with the goal of creating a safe space for people to explore their romantic and sexual liberation, while also celebrating the power of individuality and searching for the unique meaning of being young in today’s toxic dating climate. Join Tiff, your tour guide to Manhattan’s most authentic Gen Z dating experience, every Wednesday on Take Me Out for exclusive stories, tips and secrets.

Pro Hoe

  • Publisher: Penda N’diaye
  • Total Episodes: 27

Unveil stigmas and taboos in this confessional series with Pro Hoe host, Penda N’diaye to explore topics on sexual desire, pleasure, and using sex and taboo as social equity. Break down social, religious and racial constructs that some of us have been taught to uphold and how they have stifled sexual liberation in communities of color.Listen in as anonymous callers ask questions regarding to sex and relationships while Penda re-invents sex talk in communities of color in a candid, fun, “pillow-talk’ manner. When Penda’s mom gave her her first vibrator, it sparked the conversation that there’s a lack of sexual dialogue within communities of color and in return, outside conversations have shaped the Black sexual experience.The series will tackle cliches which have permeated popular culture and commentary, leaving a gap in the scholarship of Black sexual identities. Questions surrounding black sexuality are central to how we’ve been perceived and we perceive ourselves and this podcast will bring these questions, answers and discussions to light! See for privacy and opt-out information.

Pop-Talks with Poplar Union

  • Publisher: Poplar Union
  • Total Episodes: 9

Everyone’s favourite East-London arts and community space, Poplar Union, brings you chats, thoughts and musings from a range of artists and community heroes. Across the series we’ll be bringing you conversations on everything from the sexual liberation of South-Asian women, to foraging and why pensioners make the most radical activists! While our building is closed due to that pesky old virus, enjoy some time with Poplar Union’s pals and send us your own thoughts and musings on @PoplarUnion or email [email protected].

Body Liberation for All

  • Publisher: Dalia Kinsey, RD, LD
  • Total Episodes: 25

Decolonized Wellness and Body Image Coach Dalia Kinsey, RD,LD created Body Liberation for All as a resource for QTBIPOC folks who are ready to become the happiest version of themselves, using healing tools tailored for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ folx. Since wellness is multi-factorial each season covers a broad range of tools (sexual expression, indigenous medicine, mindfulness etc.) for the pursuit of happiness. Special guests and healers join throughout each season to share their journeys to inner peace and fulfillment. Stay tuned for all things self-help without a side of white-cis-het supremacy.

Boundless Love

  • Publisher: Sofia Sundari
  • Total Episodes: 7

In this transformational show Sofia Sundari invites you to reclaim your erotic power and become free as a soul in a human body. Discover how you can live life with more consciousness and trust, so that you can thrive in love. You will learn how to overcome blocks to deep intimacy, heal trauma, empower your masculine and feminine energy, develop skills for next level relationship and find God through sex. Since 2012 Sofia has facilitated over 100 transformational events all over the world, created 5 online courses on subject of spiritual sexuality and written a bestselling book Liberation into Orgasm. Sofia’s work has touched over 100,000 people from over 80 countries. Hit subscribe and get ready to see your erotic heart blossom.

Playing In The DARK

  • Publisher: KEITH SURNEY
  • Total Episodes: 15

In a world where the white gaze dictates how black people should be seen sexually. Playing In The DARK attempts to shatter that imagining and ask a fundamental question. What does black sexual liberation feel and look like?

Fat, Fierce AND…

  • Publisher: CurvesWithKicks
  • Total Episodes: 2

…a podcast all about navigating this beautiful complicated world living in a fat body. Guests will join host Carrie Beth (CurveswithKicks) throughout the series to cover various topics like traveling, sex, relationships, self-love, the plus size industry and fat-liberation. Listening to this series does come with a couple cautions: Episodes will feature discussions that could be triggering for some. Topics like sexual trauma, self-harm, suicide and eating disorders may be discussed. Explicit language may be used.

From a Whisper to a Roar

  • Publisher: LORI E ALLEN
  • Total Episodes: 6

From a Whisper to a Roar forms part of an oral history project conducted by Opening Doors London and with the support of the National Lottery Heritage Fund. The project focuses on lived experiences of lesbian, bisexual and transwomen over the last 50 years – spanning the Stonewall Riots of ‘69 and the formation of the Gay Liberation Front in 1970 to the present day. The podcast is a 3 part series with content taken from the 40+ interviews conducted by Evelyn Pittman and produced by Lori E Allen. Each of the interviews can be accessed in their entirety at the Bishopsgate Institute in London.

Sex & Mom Sh💋t

  • Publisher: Elisha Littles
  • Total Episodes: 7

Supposedly women reach their sexual peak at 30! Between work, momming, and let’s not even mention the dating pool.. How Sway?? This podcast is my personal journey through love, motherhood and sexual liberation. I’m talking real life and real sh*t. Support this podcast:

Past the Pause! with Dark Blossom

  • Publisher: Dark Blossom
  • Total Episodes: 10

The contemporary conscious woman’s guide to a Magnificent, Majestic (Meno)Pause and Beyond! HOW to move gracefully & openly with ease & laughter through this phase of midlife into a Re-Birth of Radiant Health, Beauty, Liberation and Ageless living! Being raw and real with leading edge experts in thought-provoking conversation about holistic living, tantra, spirit, science, sexuality, dating and many more. Stay tuned in, tapped in and turned ON ❗Start your Empowering Menopausal Journey the Tantric way✨ join our mailing list:

The Tantric Lounge Radio Show

  • Publisher: Jacqueline Hellyer
  • Total Episodes: 38

Listen and learn from me, sex and relationship expert Jacqueline Hellyer, and my co-host Xavier Waterkeyn in these 38 episodes of The Tantric Lounge Radio Show. It’s where sex, science and spirituality meet, and everything in between. In the Tantric Lounge we explore the third wave of sexuality: beyond shame, beyond sleaze, heading towards true understanding and liberation. It’s sex for the seeker, for the explorer, for the thinker. We’ve been called “The Enlightened Shock-Jocks” as we present sex like no one else – at times deep, at times hilarious, always inspiring. Listen to entertaining conversations with guest Sex Geeks from the leading edge of sexuality, as we discuss everything to do with sex, love and intimacy.Become sexually confident, sexually empowered, create high-level connected relationships, and find true personal empowerment!

“Liberation Talk Show”

  • Publisher: Archive
  • Total Episodes: 80


We Live Movement & Kommunity Wellness Podkast

  • Publisher: Kemba Brown
  • Total Episodes: 2

Breaking thru racial, systematic, gender, sexual & spiritual biases within the Melanated Kommunity thru healing, wellness, health, empowerment, enlightenment, awareness, freedom, liberation, etc. UNAPOLOGETICALLY Be YOU!!


  • Publisher: ukhwezi lokusa
  • Total Episodes: 3

A podcast about owning your sexual wellness, Liberation and Pleasure. The host Phumelele holds Honest and open conversations about experiences, nuances, biases and conditionings women and general black peoples perspectives on the sex subject with lovely humans and sometimes by herself. Enjoy ❤️.

Erotic Soul Reclamation

  • Publisher: Melinda Reaves
  • Total Episodes: 2

This pod is here to support your journey to Sexual Liberation, Self-healing, and Empowered Expression. So you can make a Sex and Love life that is more than you dreamed it could be where Traumas and Triggers are your biggest sources of growth and creative expression is your magic healing potion.

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