4 Illuminating Nighttime Wedding Decoration Ideas

4 Illuminating Nighttime Wedding Decoration Ideas

Every wedding is unique in its own way, but if you want to make your wedding truly special, a nighttime wedding may be just the thing for you. There’s nothing more romantic than tying the knot under twinkling stars while surrounded by glimmering lights and candles. Paradise Weddings, a destination wedding company, has a great experience making a couple’s special day an absolute dream. They have already planned more than 100 wedding ceremonies, each of them being unique and memorable. Make your special day the stuff of fairy tales and romance novels with these nighttime wedding decoration ideas.


Birdseed and bubbles are great for a daytime affair, but a sparkler send-off is perfect for a nighttime wedding. Hand out sparklers to all your guests so they can send you into married life with a shimmering flourish at night’s end. Sparklers appear very well on camera, so you’ll get some great shots of your final send-off. You can also utilize sparklers when taking your wedding photos. For truly magical wedding photos, ask your photographer to take a few long-exposure shots and use the sparklers to write or draw an image in the air. These images will appear in the final photos, enveloping you in shimmering light.


Due to their versatility and soft, romantic lighting, lanterns are among the most popular nighttime wedding decoration ideas. Lanterns can be used in various ways and look natural in almost any wedding venue. If you want to achieve a more romantic, fairy tale aesthetic, consider hanging lanterns from the ceiling or surrounding them with lush flowers. For a nighttime wedding with a spookier, autumnal theme, try placing the lanterns along the aisle or covering them with a bit of fabric. This will dim the light slightly and create a cozy, intimate atmosphere.


No matter the season, a festive bonfire will brighten up your reception space. Not only will a bonfire add some unique lighting to your wedding venue, it will also provide a cozy spot for guests to converse and enjoy one another’s company. Set up comfortable seating around the bonfire for guests who aren’t in a dancing mood or want a quiet place to rest their feet. As the night presses on, you can also use the bonfire to roast marshmallows, tell stories, or recount memories with your wedding guests.

Neon signs

Give your wedding venue some modern flair and light up the space with a custom neon sign. You can customize your neon sign to display any message or image you like. Some touching ideas are your wedding location’s coordinates, your newly shared surname, or a short phrase touting a testament to your love. The neon sign will cast a warm glow throughout your wedding venue and is sure to draw the eye of all your guests. The best part about using a neon sign in your wedding décor is that, once the wedding is over, you can display the sign in your home as a touching memento.


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