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5 Interesting and Progressive Ideas for Sustainable Living

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Sustainable living is said to be the future of humanity. It has been brought about by the rise in the awareness of environmental issues. With global warming and its effects threatening the entire globe, sustainable living is probably the answer to a lot of the problems.

Now we mostly have a good idea about some common ways to create sustainable living like saving water and reducing the use of paper but the modern lifestyle simply requires a lot more than these common therapies. Here is a list of some interesting and progressive techniques for a sustainable lifestyle.

Segregate your waste

Waste segregation is often not stressed in many places and countries. Taking out the biodegradable stuff from the trash and disposing of it properly can do wonders. If executed properly by cities, this little action can help ease off the strain on landfills.

Another thing you can do is to reuse a lot of things like containers and bottles that you can actually keep at home.

Avoid bottled water

Buying bottled water means that you are also buying plastic which will probably not decompose. Now we aren’t saying that buying water bottles is a huge crime. No, water is basic and plastic bottles help us keep the production cost low of water for easy availability. But we can also do our part by using the water from the RO and make sure to carry water along with you to avoid buying the plastic one.

Wardrobe contents

A simple thing like buying your clothes carefully can also make a huge difference in the reduction of carbon footprints. You should make it a point to buy clothes like sustainable denim jeans or eco-friendly footwear. There are all types of clothes available which are produced using environmentally friendly techniques. The whole life cycle of the product carries a very low carbon footprint. These clothes are as good as any other clothes and make you feel a lot better about yourself too.

Sustainable architecture

If we put it in perspective, households across the world are responsible for a lot of the carbon being dispensed into the atmosphere. Most of this is caused by the poor architecture which requires more energy to be cooled or heated. Sustainable architecture involves planning houses in a way that makes it easier to heat or cool them. It’s best to choose this type of architecture over others whenever you get the choice.

Shop local

Shopping for local products and promoting the production of them locally saves the environment too. It will obviously help the local markets to flourish but it will also help decrease the usage of ships and freight aircraft. Reduction in their usage can positively impact the earth’s oil reserves and also decrease the amount of carbon being dispensed into the air.

There are just too many different ways by which we can achieve sustainable living. It is not a very difficult thing to do if we are guided and provided with the right choices. You can go through this article for some interesting ideas and use them to come up with some ideas of your own.

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