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8 Ways to Keep the Relationship Fire Burning

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 In every relationship, if we don’t stoke the fire – it will eventually expire. It is natural that couples go through different stages, and sometimes the desire diminishes. We begin to wonder: how to improve our sex life? How to please our partner and avoid routine? How to bring closeness back?

Facing those questions, remember that it’s always worth working on a relationship, and all you need is some good advice on how to start. Here are our tips on how to spice up your evenings together.

1. Toys in the bedroom

Your bedroom can become a playground and provide you with new experiences.

Maybe it is worth considering buying a sexual gadget or reading some sex guides? There are a lot of exciting options as realistic sex dolls or vibrators for couples that provide pleasure for both.

Sometimes the beginnings of sharing gadgets due to shame or lack of experience, but it’s worth trying. Sex toys will help you discover a new dimension of desire.

2. Home spa

Even a few minutes of self-sacrifice will help you relax and pamper your relationship. You can think about a home spa day with the accompaniment of romantic music and candles. Maybe you will consider giving your loved one a massage?

A long, hot bath in the company of a loved one will ignite the senses to red. Warm water accelerates blood circulation and intensifies the experience. At the same time, a shared bath is a springboard from everyday life. Bathtub caresses are a great intro to bed games.

3. Food to stimulate the senses

To restore fire and passion, it is worth preparing a romantic dinner. Cooking together and experimenting in the kitchen is a perfect way to get closer again. Be creative, try new flavors, invent new dishes, and add natural aphrodisiacs.

It is not without reason that strawberries are considered an aphrodisiac. It is believed that the consumption of these seasonal fruits increases sex drive. Maybe it’s worth seeing how strawberry works on your senses?

4. Lingerie that never gets boring

Nothing works on the imagination the same as sexy lace underwear. The alluring set is a kind of guarantee that your partner will not resist your charms tonight. Properly selected lingerie emphasizes the advantages of the body and positively affects the well-being of a woman. This is an excellent sign of taking the initiative. Learn more about this link of underwear on this article from EBY.

5. Joint trip

When routine sneaks into a relationship, we lose interest in sex life. Making small adjustments is often the key to success. It is enough that we go on a short trip outside the city at the weekend. New stimuli should arouse curiosity and creativity in us. After returning home, you can both think of arranging a date outside the home e.g. once a week.

6. Touch often

Sometimes sexual abstinence results from a lack of a sense of closeness. Often, we unwittingly move away from our partner, taking overtime at work, etc. Start to touch each other again! Not only when saying “hello” or “goodbye”. Snuggle together, lay together on the couch while reading or watching movies. Give one another a foot massage or rub your back.

Don’t forget to compliment your partner often. Intimately, when you are together, but also objectively, when in a company. There are a lot of features that we don’t appreciate enough.

7. Watch sensual movies

Cinema and literature can affect our sex life. They can inspire, open to new areas,

The film is an expressive medium. Accurate display of sexual behavior is a powerful stimulus for sexual activity. The classic of the genre is the movie titled Nine 1/2 Weeks. Where an attractive divorcee, Elizabeth, meets broker John, who becomes her sexual mentor and introduces her to the world of erotic experiences. Watching spicy movie scenes together works as an inspiration and is the beginning of a great erotic game.

8. Communication first

Once you discover what gives you pleasure and excites you, it’s time to talk to your partner openly about it. In a relationship, trust should manifest itself on all levels, which also means sex life. You can’t expect the other person to read your mind because this is unlikely to happen.

If you want to light a fire in a relationship again, you must be honest. What do you like? Is there anything you want to try? What do you dislike, and what could you change together? It’s time to communicate your needs openly.


Most relationships go through the stage when the desire between partners begins to fade. However, you already know how to change it. When the temperature in a relationship drops, it is worth taking appropriate action. You have everything to make the fire in your relationship ignite again, so don’t give up as minor modifications can make a big difference.

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