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East Asian-led American Startups Revolutionising the Social Network Landscape

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The startup industry incredibly diverse, covering a range of specialties from social networking to travel. In this article, we’ll be focusing on some of the leading East Asian founded startups in the social network industry. These startups have not only made a mark in their respective fields but have also overcome barriers and paved the way for future entrepreneurs from the East Asian community. We will take you through the founders’ vision, their journey so far, and what sets these startups apart in such a competitive landscape.

This series aims to showcase the incredible entrepreneurs and strengthen the conversation around representation in the startup world. By bringing these success stories to light, we hope to inspire future generations and highlight the unlimited potential within the minority communities. Let’s dive in and find out more about these extraordinary startups.

We have compiled a list of startups, each with its unique approach to social networking. These startups expand across various industries such as apps, communities, gaming, employment, and many more. Below, you will find a brief description and some quick facts about each of these burgeoning companies.


Floqsta, a Boston-based startup in the travel social networking industry, grew from the vision of Dasha Kuksenko and Michael Huynh. Floqsta aims to address loneliness and isolation, particularly fueled by the post-pandemic travel rebound, via a socially responsible application. It uses AI-based social and activity-matching algorithms to create memorable travel experiences by connecting community members with shared interests. For more about Floqsta, check out their website, Facebook, LinkedIn and their twitter handle @Floqsta.

Lot Club

Lot Club, headquartered in Santa Monica, California, is well-positioned in the communities and private social networking industry. Founders Elliott Staffer and Kate Ferguson have a combined experience of over a decade in entertainment and technology. Lot Club is a private community that features exclusive profiles for entertainment professionals. Find more about Lot Club on their website, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter @lotclubapp.


thatgamecompany, established by founders Jenova Chen and Kellee Santiago, is a Santa Monica, Californa- based startup that has set out to transform the world of interactive entertainment. Specialising in mobile games, MMO games, developer tools and other sectors, they strive to create accessible video games that offer enriching experiences for players. Get in touch with them at their website, LinkedIn and Twitter @thatgamecompany.


AvailableApp, conceived by Ben Ng, provides a workforce management platform that streamlines staffing and scheduling for filmmakers and productions. Their service is set apart by their unique social network features, which improve hiring, finding and communication efficiency with crews. Discover more about AvailableApp on their website, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Rise, co-founded by Ana Swarup and Vivian Chen in New York, works in several fields like human resources, information technology, and social networking. This startup aims to revolutionize traditional paradigms in their respective fields. Connect with them via their website and LinkedIn.

employHER Inc.

employHER Inc., based in Seattle, is a unique social networking platform that caters specifically to women, gender diverse, disabled, and BIPOC candidates. Co-founder, Preet Sohi, has passionately developed this platform with a vision to normalize diversity in the workspace. Details about employHER Inc. can be found at their website, Facebook, LinkedIn and their Twitter handle @employher.


Founded by Greg Passmore and Russell Okamoto, Celly is an Oregon-based startup that allows users to create instant social networks for several purposes, such as schools, businesses, and communities. Stay connected with Celly through their website, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter @cellyme.

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