Empowerment is Beautiful: Becoming Your Full Power

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Empowerment is Beautiful: Becoming Your Full Power

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What does beauty and power mean to you as an individual?

Many who believe that beauty has an idea of “who they should be” don’t associate the same identity with being empowered or strong.

Since we are at a time of reinvention of who we are as women, re-defining our status of beauty and empowerment is necessary in this moment to become complete, fulfilled and with an identity that embraces the new woman.

Between the space of reaching our full potential and the past that we are rising from is an identity and definition we must face. We must decide who we want to become and how we will interface with the global community.

When we rise to our full power in combination with our true beauty, we become a presence of women that is greater than, stronger than and more beautiful than anything we have lived as in the past.

We become the women that have a voice, a unique identity, filled with beauty and power and without any perception of being ashamed or hidden.

Where Does Your True Empowerment and Beauty Begin?

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Empowerment is an internal job. It has nothing to do with your position in life, the stories you tell yourself or the circumstances that have happened to you in the past.

Empowerment is seeded with understanding who you are and embracing and valuing that foundation.

Empowerment grows by understanding how you, as an individual, are able to enact your true power within your life and in the community.

And empowerment blossoms when you are able to open to the global community and share that true identity, becoming a part of a positive collective that makes up the modern day woman.

It’s a form of self-discovery to the true self and one in which we have the capacity of identifying who we are as women.

It is empowerment that makes every woman truly beautiful.

The New Construct of Women

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What is your current identity and how do you perceive yourself as a woman?

Maybe you have observed forms of empowerment and beauty that are splitting across genders. Many are following a combat boot approach to be tougher and stronger.

As we evolve, we are also projecting a new form of empowerment – where instead of embracing the patriarch identity as strength, we are becoming a new woman that is even more powerful in her high heels.

Embracing our true selves is also understanding that we have elements as women that are empowering and unique to our identity.

This means that we don’t “buy into” the definition of body type, attitude, attributes or definitions that are currently a part of society. These are often formulated by a patriarchal construct.

Our role as women is a completely blank slate. We can’t pull from the current system to identify who we are. And, we can’t look to the distant past to identify what we should be.

The only thing we can do to become empowered is to become im-powered. Looking internally to discover what our greatest self truly is and bringing this to the forefront of society.

When we reflect and begin to interact from our internal core first, we become the true embodiment of empowered and beautiful women that become true to their power.

The Polarity and Shift with Empowerment

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I was recently in a fashion shoot for Angel Guard Fashion where I combined a party dress of beauty with the concept of empowerment by using self-defence items.

While taking the model shoot, one of the models told me she was confused. She felt that the dresses were so beautiful and that she wanted to fly in them.

But because I wanted her to highlight the self-defence items, she didn’t feel like she could be beautiful. The association with strength and beauty could not be used (in her perception) in the same projection.

The concept of empowerment and beauty to prevent violent attacks through these products was something which seemed foreign to her and to others who are currently using the fashion models of the world for their personal identity, where beauty and power is separate and one can’t be used with the other.

Our association with being powerful as beautiful, being powerful as our true nature of women and even relating to our physical presence as both beautiful and empowered is a gap that we must fill.

Would if we began to believe that we could be beautiful and still be strong enough to prevent and stop violence and to carry ourselves in a way where we were empowered, even while embracing our femininity?

Defending yourself, being powerful and looking beautiful at the same time isn’t a polarity. It is a construct that is within us and which we are responsible for finding and acting on when creating our new identity.

Becoming your true, powerful and beautiful self means embracing both sides as a complete being.

This is where we must start the internal process of understanding what our true identity can become.

Where Do You Choose to Stand?

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Here is your challenge and contemplation to walk away with.

If you erase your complete environment, your surroundings, everything that exists – who do you become? What is it that you truly want to express?

As a woman experiencing this life at this time, your true empowerment starts at that core point, allowing you to build the bridge to an empowered and beautiful woman that can contribute to society differently.

As a group of women, when we all begin to look at that internal expression, we create a new wave. Women that have a different sense of who we truly want to be. Women that override what we think should exist or rebel against the definitions and the past.

With true empowerment, we become stronger, more intelligent, more evolved and a powerful group of individuals and community that knows exactly where we stand and what unique powers we have that contribute to the world.

We become new women…where empowerment is beautiful.

About Brooke Hart

Brooke Hart is an entrepreneur and business strategist. She is the founder of Angel Guard Fashion, designed to empower and protect the global community. Her line includes fashion items and accessories with attached, discrete self-defence items as well as tech items for prevention and intervention of violence. You can learn more at www.angelguardfashion.com


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