Ethical Product Review: Tony’s Chocolonely Milk Chocolate with Caramel and Sea Salt – 180g

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Enjoy a tasty fair-trade treat with this exquisite chocolate bar form Tony’s Chocolonely. Luscious milk chocolate is mixed together with gorgeous caramel with a sea salt twinge that gives it an incredible flavour. This delicious chocolate is made possible with the use of progressive, fair-trade labour at every step of production. Tony’s Chocolonely are officially recognised as a B Corporation and hold the FairTrade label of certification; both from their mission to produce incredible chocolate with zero slave labour.

  • 180g
  • Slavery-free chocolate
  • B Corp and FairTrade labelled certified
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Product of Belgium

Tony’s Chocolonely Milk Chocolate with Caramel and Sea Salt Review:

Bought this chocolate bar at my local Co-Op. The price was £2.85 ish. Not bad at all for a bar of milk chocolate. The packaging is simple showing the character Tony the donkey on the front and a nice blurb on the back saying that the chocolate is B Corp and FairTrade certified and slave-free. I like this sort of information as it informs a shopper and it’s nice to see companies going the extra mile to ensure proper working conditions for their employees, organic or fair-trade products and the such. This bar definitely is artfully made. The chocolate is creamy, smooth and just delicious. It melts well on the tongue and its caramel is to die for. It is dusted with the sea salt and the combination of the two makes for a superb taste. I eat a lot of chocolate so I know what I’m talking about. This is a beautiful bar of chocolate that is fair to everyone and it’s a good price. I would recommend this to a chocolate lover!


I have tried this chocolate before from my local Co-Operative which is a local supermarket slotting in between a convenience shop and a hypermarket. I have bought this bar of chocolate before (and I will be doing so again). I bought this bar of chocolate as it seemed worth a try as my family are big fans of chocolate and I thought that as it was B-Corp and fair-trade it would be a good choice. With specific chocolate I usually buy a specific brand as it is usually so expensive i don’t want to spend a lot of money on something i’m worried about not being nice enough. (I usually avoid the more expensive well-known brands as it is not usually good value for money cause you’re paying a premium for the brand as opposed to the quality of the chocolate). The design is a slim bar of chocolate (at least not compared to snickers as one piece is much thinner). The design is a typical cartoon design showing the Tony the Donkey brand.

The chocolate really is creamy, the caramel is lovely and soft and the sea salt gives it a nice little kick. It’s really easy to eat as it melts very well and it’s not too sickly. It’s not bitter and it’s not like eating a block of solid chocolate. It’s very smooth and it’s very tasty. The chocolate is very true to the box, cheap, cheerful

In terms of value for money, it’s pretty average. As it’s a brand that isn’t too prolific in things like ads and sponsoring things it’s not a cheap brand so you’re paying for the quality of the chocolate. That being said, it’s good quality chocolate (as I’ve tried it’s fair-trade and half the profit goes towards helping farmers so I do believe there is some ethical value behind it but I don’t know how ethical it is compared to other fair-trade chocolate). I’m not entirely sure how ethical it is as it is quite expensive for what it is. There are better chocolate bars out there but i wouldn’t exactly say that this is for special occasions or that it’s unnecessarily expensive. It’s cheap in comparison to Snickers, but that’s not a fair comparison as Snickers is more of an ‘everyday’ chocolate bar whereas this one is more of a special treat kind of bar. It’s the size of a Snickers bar (so the same size as the old style snickers but a bit thinner). At £2ish pounds (A bit cheaper for the smaller ones) I would agree that it is good value for money.

It’s a lovely, simple, treatful, chocolate bar that can be eaten by adults and children alike. I’d definitely recommend it. I will happily buy it again.

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Tony’S Chocolonely Overview:

As a big lover of chocolate and all things sweet with added health benefits, I couldn’t wait to try this chocolate bar. I bought this chocolate bar in my local co-op which is a local supermarket which slots in between a convenience shop and a hypermarket. The chocolate bar (as far as I’m aware) is not sold anywhere else apart from possibly the company website which I wasn’t able to find as I’ve tried googling it. I bought this bar as it looked very nice and I wanted to try out some fairtrade chocolate. I bought this bar as they had a discount on them in my local co-op.

The packaging on the box is simple and smart, showing the character Tony the donkey and a nice blurb on the back saying that the chocolate is B Corp and FairTrade certified. This is nice as if nothing else its clear that they both care ethically about their production and about their employees. The chocolate itself is very nice looking. It’s very smooth and creamy. 

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