The Best Cheap Sustainable Gift Ideas

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This article showcases our top picks for the Cheap Sustainable Gift Ideas. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Zertone Straight Razor Kit

This product was recommended by Michael Morris from Rough and Tumble Gentleman

If you are looking for a cheap and sustainable gift for him, this razor is the perfect gift. Despite its low price, this razor is high quality and comes with a stropping belt and a leather pouch. You can use it for longer than other razors, so ditch that disposable razor and switch to a sustainable razor.

Biovessel – Eco Living Composter

This product was recommended by Akshay Chaudhary from The Courier Tracker

This gift will ensure that your loved one can say goodbye to their food waste using this composter which they can utilize at home. All they have to do is add food waste as well as some worms to this non-odorous composter to see it transform organic waste into fertiliser. The practice helps to improve soil and reduces methane emissions from landfills, and decreases its carbon footprint as per the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

VAHDAM, Chai Tea Private Reserve Trio

This product was recommended by Akshay Chaudhary from The Courier Tracker

Tea bags produce a ton of waste, therefore loose-leaf is the best choice for the sustainable tea enthusiast in your life. This classic Indian brand of chai is one of Oprah’s favorite Things. They’re also huge supporters of the Global Fund to help strengthen the health system and lifesaving programs for communities that are poor across the globe.

Unisex Convertible All-Dai Shoe

This product was recommended by Akshay Chaudhary from The Courier Tracker

Algae waste, as well as other waste products from plants such as sugar cane create these shoes as eco-friendly as they are timeless and stylish. Make sure to inform your giftee that they come from the carbon neutral brand Munjoi.

Kylebooker Fishing Lure Storage Bag Spinner Baits Wallet Case

This product was recommended by Steven Zhang from Lure Me Fish

One of the things I love about this bag is the EVA material on the inside, which allows for easy hanging of spinners and hooks. It’s also made from durable and water-resistant nylon fabric, making it perfect for any fishing environment. It can be hung on a waist, a fishing vest, a backpack, or any fishing carry bag. In addition to its practicality, this bag is also a great eco-friendly option. It can hold all necessary spoon lures, flies, and other terminal tackles, such as hooks, sinkers, swivels, and clips, eliminating the need for multiple plastic bags that can often end up in our oceans and harm marine life.

Ethique Store Body Sampler

This product was recommended by Julius Cermak from Deer Antler Velvet

I think it is important that when we are buying sustainable gifts, we don’t become too preachy with it, there is nothing worse than receiving a gift that in some way makes you feel guilty for doing something wrong. The gift won’t be appreciated. That is why when I am looking to gift sustainably, I will often pick something like this simple bath soap sample set, that is both eco-friendly and enjoyable. It gives the giftee more chance to fall in love with the product over a short period of time, before deciding they love it and want to use it again themselves. Getting a year’s supply may seem grander, but if people feel pushed into something, they are less likely to engage and enjoy.

NOVA CERAMICS Microwavable Coffee Mug

This product was recommended by Jim Trevors from We Review Tires

As somebody who drives a lot, I know how un-sustainable it can be when you are popping through drive-throughs and getting takeaway coffees, so for all my Driver friends I like to gift them well-designed, sustainable, eco-friendly travel mugs that they can easily hand over at the drive-through window.. I think it is better not to get to attached to a brand in these circumstances as you want to make sure that the travel mug you are picking is perfectly matched to the personality of the gift receiver – plus it looks a bit lazy if you just buy everyone the same design.

Reusable Cotton Buds for Ears

This product was recommended by Jonathan Tian from Credityelp LLC

This is it if you are looking for an affordable, sustainable gift idea. These reusable silicone swabs are made from medical-grade silicone and are essential to your beauty accessories. You will surely love them for their washable nature and up to 2000 uses. The versatile swabs offer four unique tips for different uses: ear wax removal, ear cleaning, nail brushing, and a makeup or eyelash brush. By purchasing this item, you save money and ensure zero waste while simultaneously putting a smile on the face of the person receiving the gift.

Burt’s Bees Easter Basket Stuffers Gifts

This product was recommended by Fred Hoffman from The True Wilderness

Burt’s Bees Gifts, 5 Body Care Products, Everyday Essentials Set is an eco-friendly and sustainable gift idea that is perfect for any occasion. This set contains five travel size products all made with natural ingredients like beeswax, shea butter and botanical oils. All of these products are designed to hydrate the skin and keep it healthy. The set includes Burt’s Bees Original Beeswax Lip Balm, Deep Cleansing Cream, Hand Salve, Body Lotion and Foot Cream. These products come in a stylish gift box that makes this an ideal sustainable gift for any occasion.

Lucky Line 2” Diameter Spiral Wrist Coil

This product was recommended by Cindy Liang from Custom Medals And Pins

Keep your keys organized and never lose them again with this Lucky Line 2” Diameter Spiral Wrist Coil. The superior quality, flexible coil is made from premium materials and snaps back into place easily, never losing its shape. It’s comfortable to wear on your wrist for everyday activities or during exercise and water sports, and can stretch up to 12”. The strong and lightweight design is also waterproof, making it perfect for camping gear or hiking equipment. The key ring attaches easily to carabiners, belt loops, or leashes, and is a fun gift for family and friends.

Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

This product was recommended by David Reid from VEM Tooling

Cultivating herbs at home is an excellent way to kickstart a better and more sustainable way of life. This kit includes everything you need to get started. The manufacturer claims these seeds are certified organic by the USDA and include five of the most popular culinary herbs: thyme, cilantro, basil, parsley, and sage. Additionally, compostable starting pots and soil discs are included to ensure that the customer has everything at their disposal with which to get going. You may gift a watering can produce from recycled materials or a ceramic pot purchased from a nearby small business.

Bear Mountain BBQ – Bold BBQ Smoke ‘EMS

This product was recommended by Tracy Chester from Bear Mountain BBQ

A small packet filled with a whole lot of flavor, Bear Mountain’s Smoke ‘Ems adds up to 45 minutes of natural hardwood smoke to a meal on a charcoal, gas or electric grill. Easily packed and quick to start, Smoke ‘Ems is ideal for tailgating, camping, VRBO vacations or picnics in the park.

ILIA – Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40

This product was recommended by Irene Graham from Spylix

The company will give 1% of its money from selling this item to an organization called 1% for the Planet. Aside from that, it is a fantastic skin tint with an SPF of 40, does not contain silicone, scent, or chemical screens does not contain oil, does not cause comedones, and is good for sensitive skin.

Fruit of the Loom Recover Cotton T-Shirt

This product was recommended by Alvin Wei from SEOAnt

This stylish t-shirt is made from recycled cotton and polyester material. The manufacturing company commits to sustainability and has put in place efforts to reduce the carbon footprint by promoting recycling. This t-shirt is an ideal gift for both men and can be worn with jeans, chinos, and shorts. Perfect for picnics, walks, and wearing when running errands. It makes the perfect present for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and surprise gifts for any occasion.

boshiho Vegan Cork Wallet

This product was recommended by Jamie Claussells Nazario from UN PASO DIGITAL

The Vegan Cork Wallet from Boshiho brand is a unique product that is convenient in size, great space, color and made with eco-friendly raw material. Also, it has safe and light closure. It is a gift that you can give to someone you love in any season or special moment.

Hallmark Sustainable Holiday Gift Bags

This product was recommended by Kelly Mason from TheTutor.Link

Hallmark offers a range of sustainable holiday gift bags made from 100% recycled materials. The bags are made from recycled paper, while the handles are made from recycled plastic, making them an eco-friendly option for gift-giving. The bags come in a variety of sizes and designs, perfect for any holiday occasion. The bags also feature design accents such as glitter, foil, and ribbon for an extra special touch. They are also available with a festive holiday message printed on the bag.

Kiss my face Olive Oil Bar Soap

This product was recommended by Kelly Mason from TheTutor.Link

Kiss My Face Olive Oil Bar Soap is a great choice for those looking for a gentle, natural soap. It is made with pure olive oil and natural plant extracts to help nourish, moisturize and cleanse the skin. This soap is free from harsh chemicals and fragrances, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin. It also contains natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a great choice for those with acne or other skin issues.

leaf boat Eco-Friendly Pens

This product was recommended by Derrick Hathaway from VEM Medical

Constructed for a secure grasp when writing. Ideal for zero waste school and workplace materials. They are completely recyclable and compostable. The body of recyclable pens may be composted, and the cartridge can be recycled after use, making them an environmentally beneficial alternative. These pens are entirely safe.

Bee’s Wrap Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps

This product was recommended by Jasmin Diaz from SmokyMountains

If you are looking to gift someone who is trying to live more sustainably, Bee’s Wrap is a great choice. Bee’s Wrap is a great alternative to plastic wrap and tin foil. It is made from organic cotton that is infused with beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin, all sustainably sourced. To use Bee’s Wrap you must warm it up with your hand so the wrap is more malleable, allowing it to form a seal around any container. Fun fact, some studies say beeswax has antibacterial properties so it’s a great way to keep your food fresh!

SMELLY PROOF – Reusable Clear Odor-Proof Storage Bags

This product was recommended by Kiara Devine from ChicExecs

Round out your new year with a simple way to stay safe and clean. Don’t worry about using a public restroom that’s out of hand soap ever again. Fomin Soap saves the day with on-the-go soap sheets specially designed to meet our modern day hygiene needs. Perfect for friends tired of carrying around hand sanitizer. Nothing beats the fresh, clean feeling you get every time. Each product contains 100 eco-friendly sheets that drastically reduce the impact of harmful chemicals and wasteful plastic on the environment. Using sustainable, high quality ingredients and made in FDA-approved labs, the sheets are also certified Leaping Bunny cruelty-free. The compostable packaging and environmentally mindful design goes the extra mile to leave you with clean hands and a clear mind.

NVGCX Scented Candles Gifts

This product was recommended by Gretchen Boyd from NYC House Cleaners

Scented Candles are actually very affordable and offer excellent value. A variety of handcrafted and luxury candles are available at different price ranges. The mood that candles produce is one of the reasons why people adore them. This is also one of the explanations for why scented candles are wonderful presents. By putting out scented candles, you can help your loved ones unwind, reconnect with nature, and enter a completely different world. For pretty much anyone else you can think of, a scented candle may be a wonderful gift. When your loved ones inhale the smell of candles, they will be reminded of you every time.

Bamboo Travel Utensil Set

This product was recommended by Zac VanHeyningen from Peak Offer

This bamboo utensil set is perfect for taking on-the-go, and it is made from sustainable materials. It comes with a carrying case for easy storage, and the utensils are dishwasher safe, so they are easy to clean. The set includes a spoon, fork, and chopsticks, making it a great gift for anyone who wants to reduce their plastic waste.

FryAway Pan Fry Cooking Oil Solidifier

This product was recommended by Laura Lady from FryAway

For those who enjoy cooking and frying at home, but who never know what to do with the used cooking oil, FryAway is a sustainable and better alternative to pouring the oil down the drain or even into a jar or can and throwing it in the trash (where it will stay in the landfill forever). The plant-based powder of FryAway is simply poured into the hot cooking oil where it will solidify. You can then scoop it into the trash and it will break down in the landfill in approximately 30 days. It’s a great way to be nice to your pipes and not to contribute to fatbergs in sewer systems and is a wonderful sustainable gift for those who love to cook.

Buoy Electrolyte Drops

This product was recommended by Daniel Schindler from Buoy

Buoy is a purposefully unflavored blend of electrolytes, 87 trace minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that can be added into any type of drink (beer, coffee, tea, you name it). No sugar, sweeteners, flavors, or calories – just the hydration and wellness that your loved one needs!

PURGGO Car Air Freshener

This product was recommended by Shannah Henderson from Henderson Public Relations, LLC

PURGGO keeps a car smelling fresh all year long! It is made with pure and sustainable natural bamboo charcoal, which absorbs & eliminates odor instead of masking it. Fragrance- & allergen-free, the PURGGO is all-natural, non-toxic, and 100% asthma and allergy friendly. PURGGO perfectly combines nature, science, and love. All the product contains is pure all-natural moso bamboo charcoal, one of the most renewable natural resources in the world and Mother Nature’s purifier, which has been carbonized and activated at 1110°F – 1300°F (600°C – 700°C). Bamboo charcoal is a tried and tested air cleanser that’s been used in Asian countries for thousands of years. A traditional freshener relies on the strength of the artificial fragrance it contains to hide odors. Instead of removing odors, it blends them with the unpleasant smell of chemicals. PURGGO is a car air purifier – it sucks up and removes problem odors instead of covering them. PURGGO’s bamboo charcoal is sourced from the most prominent producer in the world, and contains four times the pores of regular charcoal. Pores are important: they work like a sponge, attracting and trapping odor particles. The particles cling to the charcoal, eliminating odors from your car. On top of this, it lasts for 365+ days (longer lasting than any product available worldwide) and works continuously in the background! Recharging is simple: place PURGGO in the sun for one hour every month to two months. Allowing excess moisture to evaporate restores its ability to purify air. The outer layer of PURGGO is made of hemp because of its significantly lower environmental impact in comparison to cotton. Hemp not only needs half the amount of water but also produces twice the amount of fiber from a field of the same size. In addition, to produce a crop cotton requires an enormous amount of pesticide. Hemp, like bamboo, grows without needing any pesticide. You can recycle your PURGGO after a year by cutting open the bag and spreading the charcoal on the lawn or in the garden, or by adding it to the soil of a potted plant. It’s a nutrient-rich natural fertilizer suitable for the garden, lawn, and flowerbeds. PURGGO is perfect for anyone who: wants to prevent embarrassing car odor; is in control of their own health and wellbeing, and that of their family and passengers; has allergies, breathing sensitivities, or asthma; rejects the status quo and believes in effective, healthy, sustainably produced products; and wants to turn their car into a personal oasis, purified naturally and safely, to enjoy their driving time.

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