What Are the Best Sports for Fostering Teamwork in Kids?

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What Are the Best Sports for Fostering Teamwork in Kids?

If you’ve ever wondered why sports are popular among small children and young adults, it’s not only because of their ages. However, age plays a huge role in why sports are crucial for kids. Their aptitude for both learning and engaging with everything they do is what makes children so interested in and geared for sports.

Sports require the individuals to put themselves into the activity, which is what kids do best. However, certain sports can help kids to focus on certain skills more than others. If you’ve ever wondered what the best sports are for fostering teamwork in kids, you might be surprised at what you find.


This activity is an all-time classic sport known worldwide for being fast-paced and constantly keeping players on their toes. If you have kids who get restless or perhaps even show a bit of hyperactivity, this could be the sport for them. Soccer encourages kids to use their brains to concentrate and pay attention.

Kids will have to keep their thoughts well organized to keep up with the speed of soccer and master it. These traits alone make it a great sport for small children to learn and practice, but there are many more.

With the basics down, children learn to work together, think, and organize their thoughts based on the team’s strategy, thus building relationships on the field. Be sure to prepare your kids for this teambuilding experience! Even with all the running, you will still need to keep your kids warm during this fall sport with base layers as the weather cools down.


Basketball is another fast-paced sport that starts as an individual mastery, where the child will need to focus on things like coordination and basic motor skills. From there, they will become more team-oriented players who can share their skills.

Your kid will need to learn to make quick decisions and have fast reflexes to make this sport their own. Problem-solving and critical thinking become much more than an individual effort as the player learns to adapt to the team and the positions that work together to win the game.


You might think that volleyball isn’t as qualified as the other sports because of the low impact and lack of popularity among the masses. Still, it stimulates massive growth in young children. In volleyball, patience is something that is earned as you go along.

If you can follow the coordination and efforts of the other team players, you will understand when to act. This activity will teach kids self-control and self-esteem, along with focus and concentration. Sharing is another huge concept in this game, more so than in many other sports.

These are some of the best sports for fostering teamwork in kids. So make sure to get your kid signed up to try out one or several of these sports, and they might find that they love the new activity.

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