What Do Feminists Actually Believe In?

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Feminism is defined as the belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes. The goal of feminism is to challenge the systemic inequalities women face on a daily basis.

What Do Feminists Believe In?

1. Destroying the Patriarchy

Feminist take a stern and unapologetic stance on women’s rights. They believe that women deserve to have equal opportunities as men and should not be held back. They also believe that creating gender equality will ultimately benefit society as a whole. They tackle societal issues like the wage gap, child care, and sexual assault, and they are open to criticism for their ideas and goals.

2. Challenging Society’s Gender Roles

Feminist do not believe that gender identity has a natural “one size fits all” approach. They believe that people should have the opportunity to explore their identity without fear of being criticized. They also believe that people’s gender identity is their own and should not be criticized, but rather celebrated.

3. Embracing Diversity

Feminist believe that labeling and segregating societies is not only unnecessary, but also harmful. They believe that being different is good and that different does not mean one is better than the other. Feminist believe that we are all equal and should have equal opportunities regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation or disabilities.

4. Creating Awareness about Sexual Education and Sexual Assault

Feminist are heavily involved in the issue of sexual assault. They believe that women should have an element of choice and decision in choosing a sexual partner or partner in sexual interactions. They also believe that when women choose to have sex, consent is not only about saying “yes,” but also saying “no” and having the ability to change your mind.

5. Anti-Monogamy

Feminist believe in a safe platform for their followers to express their sexual freedom without shame. Especially when it comes to lesbians, transgender man, and bisexuals, who are constantly being faced with negativity from society.

6. Equal Pay

Despite the strides women have made towards workplace equality, there is a large discrepancy when it comes to pay. In March of 2013, women’s pay rose to 82.5 percent compared to men’s. Even though the gap between men and women is closing, it is still much larger than it should be.

7. Challenging the Sterotypes in Young Girls’ Social Development

Feminist believe in women’s right to express themselves freely. It does not only apply to the older generation, but also to the younger generation. Feminist believe in all girls having their own different personalities, without being limited by what society thinks it is.

8. Recieving Support

Feminist not only encourage strong women to do what they can to help, but also provide them the tools to do so.

9. Providing an Outlet for Women’s Feelings

Feminist believe that women are constantly silenced by being made to feel guilty about their own feelings. Society mandates that women are not allowed to discuss their anger, sadness, or other emotions. It’s okay to have these feelings, and it’s also okay to not feel okay all the time.

10. Giving a Second Chance

Women are constantly put down in today’s society, and many are left to feel hopeless and worthless. Feminist believe in giving a second chance to women and listen to what they have to say. If the message is clear, then the message is clear. Sometimes it is hard to communicate if you are constantly being cut off or have a feeling of not being heard.

11. Calling Out Sexism

Feminist believe in calling out sexism and standing up against it. It is not okay to act like a patronizing sexist towards women or invoke sexism without reason and then have women put the blame on them. Why can’t we call these people out on their sexist and misogynistic actions instead of shaming women for it?

12. Challenging Images of Women

Feminist believe that there are harmful images in TV shows, commercials, films, and magazines. These images are damaging to women and young girls and give them a false sense of what it is like to be one. They also make women who have different shapes or different body types feel inferior and that they are not enough.

13. Reclaiming the Word, “Feminist”

The word feminist is almost a dirty word to most people and is usually seen as a bad word by many. Feminist also believe in re-claiming the use of the word “feminist.” Feminist are tired of it being used as a curse word and would like it to be used how it was meant to be used: to celebrate the fact that women are a key part to society’s survival.

14. Challenging Objectification of Women

Feminist believe that women go through hell and back trying to be perfect and get the “right” body. They also believe that they should be able to express themselves freely and express who they really are, and not what the media or anyone else thinks they should be.

15. Fighting Education Discrimination

Feminist believe that women go through a lot in order to achieve what they want. They believe that if women were given a chance, they would shine like nothing else. They believe that women have a lot to give to the world if they were simply given a chance.

16. Challenging Sexist Language

They also believe that phrases like, “Man up!” or “Be a man!” should be crossed out because it implies that being a man is better.

17. Challenging Rape Culture

Feminist believe that women should not have to fear going about their day-to-day lives. They also believe that women should not have to fear being sexually assaulted at a party or walking home alone.

18. Challenging the Salary

Feminist believe that people should be paid fairly for their work, regardless of what that work is. It does not make any sense that women who do the same job as a man would get paid less just because they have a pair of boobs.

19. Challenging the “Glass Ceiling”

Feminist believe that women have reached the glass ceiling in their professional lives, mostly because they get the “mommy” or the “wife” card pulled on them and that is completely unfair. But they also believe in lifting that glass ceiling and prove that they can do just as good, if not better, than the men.

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