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Why Are There So Many Types of Scissors and How To Choose One?

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Sooner or later, we may stumble upon a situation where something needs to be cut. Whether it is our hair or some artificial material, adequate tools are a necessity. After all, our nails and teeth are not suitable for this kind of activity.

Luckily, thanks to our predecessors, we have access to a variety of them – including scissors. According to sources, scissors have been with us for more than three millennia. Additionally, ancient Egyptians are believed to be one of the first users of this helpful tool.

Scissors have come a long way since their creation. Nowadays, they are used in plenty of settings, such as hospitals and hair salons. We have pinking shears, craft scissors, and countless more. One can only wonder why there are so many of them.

In this article, we tackle this issue by examining why there are so many various types of scissors. Moreover, we search for the qualities that can lead you to make the right choice while buying a pair of them for yourself. Let’s begin.

Why There Is More Than One Type of Scissors?

Pinking shears, left-handed shears, dressmaker’s shears — there are several types of scissors. However, why is that the case? Are sharp edges and comfortable handles not the only features every pair of scissors needs?

While there are some universal qualities every pair of shears should possess, sometimes those are not enough. Why? There are two main reasons: (1) scissors are made for various purposes, and (2) scissors are being used by different people.

Various Scissors Designs According To Their Purposes

Scissors are being made with various goals in mind. All-purpose scissors, while being good in many circumstances, are not the best choice in every case. For instance, heavy-duty scissors and sewing scissors produce better results while cutting materials like leather or multiple fabric layers.

Additionally, by being designed to serve a specific purpose, some scissors can have a much more unique look than the standard ones you have at your home. You might be surprised that embroidery scissors do not even have a loophole for a finger! However, this design makes it easy to create small cuts.

Various Scissors Designs According To Their Users’ Needs

We have to keep in mind that not everyone is looking for the same kind of scissors. Just like there are different materials we can cut, scissors can also fulfill numerous functions. After all, people use them not only for cutting paper or fabric.

While some people are looking for decorative shears, others tend to focus more on functionality. Multiple designs of handles and blades only support this fact.

Moreover, there are different types of scissors for right-handed and left-handed people. For the professionals like hairdressers and stylists, this point is vital. Working with scissors specifically designed for them can help them in their work and is often a non-negotiable part of their success.

How To Choose the Best Pair of Shears?

Deciding what scissors you should use to cut something is dependent on multiple factors. Here are the main ones:

  • Adjust the type of blade to the material you are cutting: Cutting fabric is a lot harder than cutting paper. Take this into account while searching for shears to buy. Perhaps buying a pair of craft scissors is a good idea in your situation?
  • Remember that size matters: Scissors with a long blade might be more commonly used, but small shears will give you additional control over your hand movement. By using embroidery scissors, you will be able to work with surgical precision! On the other hand, going for bigger shears with long sharp edges might be a better approach when faced with some tough fabric. For example, snips have a small curved blade that is great for cutting sheet metal and other tough webs.
  • Think about the features you need: Do you want your scissors to have a blunt tip that will prevent the fabric from snagging on seams and threads? Maybe buying shears with an offset handle is the best option for you? Take some time to think about what kind of utility you need from your scissors! It can save you some trouble in the future.

The Bottom Line

Now you know why you can find different types of shears on the market! Additionally, you also know how you can find the right scissors for yourself. Use this knowledge to your advantage!

Remember that scissors are used for many different materials and cuts. After all, pinking shears can be considered the total opposite of other scissors used in sewing and crafting. While long blades of gardening scissors can make it easy to cut a tree branch, shorter sewing scissors are great for cutting paper.

When buying scissors for yourself, do not forget the tips we mentioned! With some patience, you are bound to get the ones that will work great for you. Good luck!

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