Ethical Product Review: Tony’s Chocolonely Milk Chocolate with Caramel and Sea Salt – 180g

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Enjoy a tasty fair-trade treat with this exquisite chocolate bar form Tony’s Chocolonely. Luscious milk chocolate is mixed together with gorgeous caramel with a sea salt twinge that gives it an incredible flavour. This delicious chocolate is made possible with the use of progressive, fair-trade labour at every step of production. Tony’s Chocolonely are officially recognised as a B Corporation and hold the FairTrade label of certification; both from their mission to produce incredible chocolate with zero slave labour.

  • 180g
  • Slavery-free chocolate
  • B Corp and FairTrade labelled certified
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Product of Belgium

Tony’s Chocolonely Milk Chocolate with Caramel and Sea Salt Review:

Slight caramel and sea salt taste, I love caramel and salt so was right up my street, the chocolate was smooth and rich and not too sickly – YUM!

This product comes in a circular tin with a label on the top which is how I would imagine this product to be sold in a store. The design is very clean and simple which makes it very easy to put on the table at a dinner party. The chocolate is perfectly wrapped in plastic which doesn’t have that greasy taste and texture when you lift it up – very impressive and ideal! The chocolate is separated into segments which makes it very easy to break off and eat.

Pro’s –

  • Very simple packaging, which doesn’t look cheap or tacky. The product was very smooth and melts in your mouth and not in your hand, which is one of the biggest issues I have with cheaper alternatives.
  • Neutral taste and although it was vegan it did have a certain smell to it.

Con’s –

  • Nothing much really to say here. Perhaps the chocolate could be slightly bigger for the price, and it’s a shame it doesn’t come in a gift box.
  • Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate is very smooth and not too harsh on the senses considering they are a vegan company. It has a great mix of ingredients which are organic and fair-trade. The packaging is very simple and is easy to put on a table at a dinner party.
  • Very high in fat and sugar for a snack so would probably avoid this before a run but great for a midnight snack with friends
  • The is not bad for a vegan chocolate for special occasions, but I would not eat this every single day, with the high sugar content (not good for your teeth), it’s best eaten as a once or twice a week treat.
  • The price makes it very expensive to eat this every day as it was too rich for me as it is not everyday I eat vegan chocolate.

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Tony’s Chocolonely Milk Chocolate with Caramel and Sea Salt Review:

I would eat this more often if it was not so expensive. It has a great taste and I like the fact I am supporting a small family run business.

I would buy this again because I liked how you could tell they were a vegan company, I think there is a need for these types of companies in today’s society.

I have recommended it to others as I think it is a great ethical chocolate bar.

If you are looking for a chocolate bar with a strong taste would I would defiantly go for this product however if you are looking for more of a subtle chocolate flavour I would not recommend this bar.

I have been supporting this company for a long time now, the fact that they are a family business make me feel like I am supporting people who are real. I buy this product my friends or family because I think that dark chocolate is an amazing product and having a company that cares for the less fortunate is amazing.

This is the perfect chocolate bar for a night in with my family. I would not buy this if I was going out for a run or on the street because I would find it heavy but it is great in moderation.

I think it is a great product and I like the fact that the business is run by a family who have a strong moral value to their business.

I have bought this product a few times and the the chocolate has a nice feel to it compared to some of the other cheaper chocolate brands.

I would not recommend this product to others as it is expensive to eat every day. Only if you were entertaining a friend or when you are relaxing on a Saturday or Sunday would I think of eating this.

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