7 Ways to Dress Up Your Favorite Loungewear

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Last year was an unprecedented time with families spending more time at home than they have in decades. Now, however, stores and restaurants are reopening and allowing socialization to, once again, thrive. Unfortunately for many of us, our previous going-out wardrobes are a bit outdated and have been replaced by loungewear and comfortable offerings for at home.

But don’t throw out that loungewear just yet! Women’s loungewear sets can easily be dressed up and repurposed into great going-out outfits! Read on to learn more!

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7 Ways to Dress Up Your Favorite Loungewear

Don’t dispose of your loungewear or cast it off as being too casual for going out. Instead, recycle and repurpose it using these tricks.

1. Crop an Oversized T-shirt

That favorite oversized tee looks great with leggings or shorts, but it’s not the best wardrobe item to wear for a night out. The solution? Crop it! Tuck the shirt’s hem into the band of your bra to make it look cropped without taking scissors to your favorite casual wear.

2. Elevate a “Nap Dress”

The “nap dress” is a dress that is lightweight, flowy, and comfortable enough that you could take a nap in it. But this comfortable wardrobe staple doesn’t have to live in nap-ville. Elevate your favorite nap dress by accessorizing. Add a strappy sandal, a belt, or some statement jewelry to really bring up the heat.

3. Accessories are Your Friend

One of the best ways to dress up loungewear is by accessorizing. The right accessories can transform even the most casual wardrobe items into something really unique and fashionable. Want to dress up your favorite crop top and shorts? Add some combat boots and a blazer. This takes loungewear into the realm of athleisure, which we all love!

4. Keep it Monochrome

One of the reasons why a suit looks so expensive and sophisticated is because of the sleek monochrome color palette. Head-to-toe color can be great for loungewear outfits also. Choose a monochrome color for a sleek look and pair it with some statement jewelry to amp it up.

5. Add Some Heels

Nothing dresses up an outfit quite like a pair of sassy high heels. A favorite trend among Fashionistas (remember Carrie’s New Year’s outfit from Sex and the City Movie?) is the pajamas and heels look. Loungewear with feather trim or delicate details can look super classy and sexy with a pair of hot heels.

6. Pair Loungewear with a Great Coat

A great coat can go a long way toward dressing up your loungewear. An oversize coat is a great addition to matching sweats or a monochromatic color scheme underneath. Add in some feminine accessories and you have a great look that can transition day to night.

7. Don’t Forget Loungewear Sandals

We can’t forget to address loungewear-inspired footwear. Those comfortable sandals and slide-on shoes are all the rage for comfort and ease. But that doesn’t mean they are great for going out. You can, however, dress up those loungewear sandals and shoes by pairing them with an outfit that is a bit dressier. A bright sundress, for example, is a great way to dress up more casual shoes.


By trying these 7 tips, you can dress up your loungewear and be as sassy and sexy as you want while still being comfortable. That’s the great thing about versatile wardrobe pieces like loungewear. 

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