Ethical Product Review: Green People For Men – No. 7 Antioxidant Repair Serum 50ml

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  • Certified organic facial repair serum for men, with proven anti-ageing benefits
  •  Power-packed age reversal formula for eyes, face and neck 
  • Clinically proven actives to firm skin and reduce wrinkles 
  • Delay ageing with powerful age-reversing effects 
  • Rich in antioxidants to protect against free radical damage
  • 89% certified organic ingredients
  • Concentrated formula: a little goes a long way
  • Organic Baicalin, Olive leaf, Tara Bush & Seaweed

No. 7 Mens Skincare Review:

The No.7 Antioxidant Repair Serum for Men, though I suspect of many other uses, does indeed have a very purposeful use in the world of men’s Skincare products. When more men’s products were being presented to me, I was surprised by the lack of choice, and by the amount of the same product.

I’m very pleased that green people for men are very honest in giving both the positive and the negative reviews of their product, and not hiding either. On my last visit to my usual Vitamin store, I know of this product only as a brand that put the ‘parfum oil’ in their Antioxidant Serum, when they should have added it to the Antioxidant Serum as an ingredient.

I also discovered that we have a lot in common from our point of view, and that we are all in the same boat. I think that the No.7 Antioxidant Repair Serum for Men is a very interesting and, sometimes, uncomfortable product. My skin, on my neck, reacts rather unpredictable and suddenly. Sometimes it is so resistant that I would say that it is tough. But after the No. 7 and my skin mouth has been a while, there’s no problem.

In all, I do not really see the good side of this product, to use it more I think that’s impossible, but one day I may use it as a second item for my routine:

  • In the morning, before the foundation, the essence, a primer and a moisturiser
  • In the evening, before the make up, the serum, the eye mask, the eye cream and a moisturizer

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When I’m doing my best skin care, I use the No. 7 Antioxidant Repair Serum every night. I do not think that I need this product, but I like using it. Maybe it’s because it’s from GREEN PEOPLE FOR MEN, or maybe it’s because I love GREEN PEOPLE with a capital Great, but I like I use it.

“I am of the endaving age where I can still remember the first day I noticed some wrinkles appearing around my eyes. My skin went dry and the wrinkles appear even and darker. I was mainly astounded that I could not find in any store anything that could help me or give me longer years to do without the wrinkles and fissures that are part of my life.

Then, I decided to get some anti-wrinkles cream, but I was not convinced that I would be able to see any results. I was afraid to wake up to find them even more pronounced. Then, the true story began. After only a few applications, my friend, who had been against the idea of using something like this for at least a year, said: “You are beginning to see results. It’s amazing! Have you been using it? I did not see anything”.

  • She was right.
  • I started using the cream, then I used it every morning and regularly. I was amazed with its success. I was seduced by the product and the results it offered.
  • I even tried to type my wrinkles with my own fingers, but the only thing I was able to achieve was to make them too blunt. I put the cream on my under eye wrinkles, I put it on my eyebrows brows and other wrinkles, I put it on my neck and on other places, then I began to use it regularly.My skin began to become softer, less dry, more elastic and less wrinkle-less.
  • I believe this is a product that can really make a difference, and I really recommend it.”

Green People Antioxidant Serum is a product that everyone wants to know more about, and which is rather difficult to get. It took me a while but the good news is that the Green people for men have decided to sell it exclusively on my web site. Many thanks to Sandy for making this possible.

The men’s Antioxidant Serum according to Green People for men is aimed at the restoration of skin elasticity, softness, tone and firmness. It is a product that contains an unique mixture of nourishing plant extracts and ingredients based on the resveratrol (the rediscovered molecule that provides antioxidant protection) that hydrate the skin and help to even and beautify the skin’s complexion. The resveratrol content and its anti-wrinkle action “ensures that wrinkles are softened and treated without causing irritation or redness.

A de-wrinkling agent that works against the appearance of wrinkles and for a natural skin tone.

The main active ingredient of the Green People Antioxidant Serum is the Baicalin complex from the burdock root: 30-50 milligrams are contained in each 50 ml of product. This component is not only an anti-oxidant but it also has the property to regulate collagen and elastin production, fight against signs of ageing and protect the skin against environmental assaults.

Resveratrol is known for its anti-ageing activity which makes it very appreciated by the cosmetic industry as well as by the pharmaceutical industry. It is scientifically proven that resveratrol has the ability to prevent oxidative damage, which is linked to ageing since it is a powerful fighting agent against free radicals produced by environmental factors (sun and pollution).

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