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Ethical Product Review: Provamel Unsweetened Almond Milk – 1L

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Delicious and bursting with plant power, this range of dairy-free drinks from Provamel is produced from great tasting, plant-based ingredients such as soya, rice, oat and almond. This unsweetened organic almond milk is a great place to start in enjoying the natural benefits of plant goodness, as well as adopting a more planet-friendly diet.

Provamel Unsweetened Almond Milk Review:

Regular milk is a highly acidic drink, that sticks to your arteries and then needs an alkaline environment to be digested. So not only do you feel acid burning in your stomach, but you also create a high-acidity environment in your body which is not good. This is why after ingesting milk, we think “I need a glass of water to wash it down”. Nothing has been removed from the stomach, it’s the opposite that has occurred; a high-acidity environment has been created which requires destruction of this internal acidity, thus the need for a glass of water.

But what if there were a non-acidic, plant based alternative that would substitue milk as a daily drink that would suppress your cravings for sweet foods, and would actually, provide you with a full blown nutrient dense cafe that would repair your health and allow you to have the energy that you so desire, as well as strong bones and a healthy heart.

The health benefits of almond milk are excellent and include lower cholesterol levels and a healthy heart, increased energy, a healthy digestive system, lower blood pressure and relief from constipation and gallstones, stronger and more youthful looking skin, 100% milk substitute and control for diabetes.

While most people would consider almond milk for being a healthy choice, the real surprise is the compatibility of its taste between cow’s milk and soy milk. Provamel’s unsweetened almond milk has an incredible taste built upon an assortment of plant based ingredients including organic oats, organic rice, almonds, water and a fraction of organic cane sugar, and organic soy protein. With a touch of oat fibre, and calcium for a more alkaline environment in your body, combined in a processing environment that preserves the original taste of the almonds, the very best aspects of almonds are introduced into your body.

I am not a milk drinker, yet I have fallen in love with this product, and it may very well become one of my daily ritual drinks. It is an easy drink to become accustomed to, it can simply be mixed with the water in any smoothie recipe, it can be used to make a light and nutritious pudding, or it can be used in hundreds of other food preparation recipes.

Its texture is very similar to that of milk, has a creamy, rich, creamy milk consistency, with a taste that is extremely complimentary to food, but has the full body flavor of an almond. It is not as rich as cow’s milk, and it is not as thin and watery as soy milk. It is something in between these two of my former favorites, and I can appreciate its middle ground.

So far I have tried the unsweetened milk, but will soon try the sweetened milk, which I hear contains no artificial sweeteners and also seems to be very popular.

The taste of almonds and their goodness is put together in a perfect combination here, that will turn you on to a natural lifestyle.

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The product is Dairy, Gluten, Nut and Egg free and contains no Proteins from animal origin, which automatically makes it a vegan product, and it is suitable for vegetarians. It is packed in a recycled cardboard container, contained in a box. It is the first packaging to show the actual producer of the ingredients, obviously marketing used to be focus on cows milk, but almond milk means you are getting a formula with little to no trans fats and a high content of calcium, as opposed to the opposite from milk.

Included in the ingredients is a note about the soy protein from soybeans, highly susceptible to bad quality genetic characteristics, so this formula is from trans-fat free soy.

The ingredients present here are: water, almonds, carrageenan, calcium, oat fibre, organic cane sugar, emulsifier: soy lecithin, sea salt and natural flavourings.

The product has passed all the tests for quality, and contains absolutely no artificial colors, flavorings, sweeteners, preservatives, hydrogenated oil, or any GMOs or gluten.

It reminds me of my childhood, eating raw almonds as I walked beneath the apple trees in my back yard. The packaging is easy to open, leaving you control and a better choice over every other aspect of the drink that you bring into your home. This is the future of food, always look for organic, always look for natural, always look for freshness, always look for the highest quality.

The Facts:
Excellent organic quality product that will offer you a healthy and kind alternative to milk. I recommend this to anyone who is not happy with milk, and also as a replacement to milk for those who are vegan. This is perfect for those who want a different color on their kitchen shelves, for those who enjoy a more broad selection of vegetable.

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