Ways Your Business Can Promote Eco-Friendly Travel

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Ways Your Business Can Promote Eco-Friendly Travel

As the business world evolves, many corporations look for eco-friendly ways to operate and promote company-wide sustainability. One way that businesses can take steps toward sustainability is by promoting eco-friendly travel. Fortunately, they can achieve this on a small and large scale. Keep reading to learn about the different ways your business can promote eco-friendly travel.

Encourage Ride-Sharing and Public Transportation

Ride-sharing and public transportation are adequate ways to travel. Businesses can encourage public transportation by providing a discount or free transit passes. In addition, businesses can offer incentives for ridesharing or carpooling to the office. For example, employers can create designated parking spots for carpool vehicles close to the business’ building.

Provide Bike Parking Options

Cycling is a common means of transportation. If employers live close to their jobs, many choose this transportation option. Businesses can promote bike riding to work by providing bike parking options. Depending on the business’ location or resources, they can choose between the different bike parking options that work for their company. It’s essential to understand that bike parking will encourage more employees to bike to work, making the business eco-friendlier.

Minimize Transport Between Locations

During business travel, many employers secure hotels, meeting locations, and group dinners in different areas. As a result, employees must find transportation to and from different areas. However, the eco-friendly solution is minimizing transport between locations. Employers can take an extra step to ensure hotels, meeting locations, and group dinners are all in the same area. This will allow employees to either walk or take a short ride on public transportation.

Choose Eco-Friendly Hotels

Along with minimizing transport between locations, choosing eco-friendly hotels are another way to promote sustainable traveling. Several eco-friendly hotels promote sustainability and encourage their guests to become “green.” For example, encouraging employees to reuse towels, turning off lights when they leave the room, and being mindful of water usage. Employers who promote eco-friendly hotels reduce their business’s carbon footprint and support an eco-friendly business.

Many corporations are looking to find eco-friendly and sustainable ways to operate. Fortunately, a great way to start is with eco-friendly travel. If you’re a business owner looking for sustainable travel methods, always refer to this list of ways your business can promote eco-friendly travel.

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